Jan 2 2015

Pedal Line Friday – 1/2 – Alastair Pryor

Today’s pedal line is from Alastair Pryor. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedalline@nulleffectsbay.com. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 1/2 - Alastair PryorHi,

This is my current iteration of my pedal board.  Right now I’m just a home enthusiast but would like to get back into a band setup at some point. Been playing guitar for 20 years although like most non-professional players I’m not on it every day – life gets in the way of Rock n Roll in the real world :(.

Route – Cry Baby Wah (not in picture) > TC Electronics Polytune 2 > T-Rex Quint Machine > Radial Bigshot EFX  > (Loop 1) Wampler Triple Wreck > Keeley Mod Ibanez Tube Screamer TS9-DX > Radial > (Loop 2) MXR Stereo Chorus > Mooer Elec Lady > Radial > TC Electronics Flashback > TC Electronics Ditto > Sometimes this Plexi “Little Bear” distortion pedal (not pictured) which I had to put together when it arrived in post.

Cry Baby Wah (not pictured)
Reliable Wah – plenty of people have them and it sounds pretty good!

Polytune 2
This sounds crazy but in terms of rating a pedal on what it does this is probably the best pedal I own. If you want a tuner then I’d highly recommend this one. Ultra bright display and very accurate and easy to use tuning. Total silence when you turn it on. Love it.

T-Rex Quint
Only just acquired this as a Xmas gift to myself. Impressed with the cosmetic aspect, easy to use. Bit of hiss when on but that could be my setup.

Radial Bigshot EFX loop
I use this so I can switch between my distorted tone and my clean tone which probably has a little bit of chorus or flange. Just hit both switches at same time. Passive pedal so doesn’t require power and is reasonably small for its footprint. Basic and cheap alternative to more powerful switching systems out there.

Wampler Triple Wreck
Pretty versatile distortion and can also be used with the boost switch for a fuzz style tone. Definitely good for dialling in a Metallica style of tone or Tool 10,000 days style sounds. Plenty of options for tone depending on your tastes. Completely quiet when you’re not playing as well which is important with your drive pedals.

Keeley Mod TS9-DX
I use this to get an AC/DC style tone. You always see TubeScreamers mentioned in all time overdrive pedal lists so I purchased it to see what the fuss was about. Does the job for me.

MXR Stereo Chorus
Purchased it off a mate who wasn’t using it. Adds a bit of colour to the tone and has a treble boost option which seems to be malfunctioning on me currently! However for my standard chorus sound it sounds pretty good.

Mooer Elec Lady
Experimented with a few Mooer micro pedals and wasn’t hugely impressed with the others however this Elec Lady has one particular dialled in setting which sounds really good. For the price this pedal is quite a bargin although not all settings are completely usable. I use it playing along to parts like the flange sound in Rage Against the Machine “Wake Up”. It’s also really small so leaves room for more pedals!

TC Electronics Flashback
Easy to use delay with all the bells and whistles, really good delay pedal.

TC Electronics Ditto Looper
I got this out of frustration trying to use a Boss RC-2. This Ditto pedal is so easy to use, it only has the switch and the one dial. There’s a handful of combinations to record, turn off and on, remove previous loop etc. I would highly recommend this looper to anyone and it’s pretty cheap and once again it’s small so if you’re using a relatively small pedal board like this Pedaltrain JR that I have it’s ideal.

“Little Bear” distortion (not pictured)
Purchased for $50 on ebay purely for novelty factor, had to put it together when it arrived and I was expecting nothing. Was pleasantly surprised when I fired it up. Quite a lot of gain and managed to get a nice Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream fuzz from it. If you got a spare $50 you want to get something different go for it.

I’m playing through a Blackstar HT40 using an Epiphone Les Paul Prophesy or an Ibanez SZ series both with EMG active pickups. With this equipment I can easily dial in Tones from Metallica – Pantera through to lighter driven tones for Pearl Jam, AC/DC etc. Hoping to upgrade to a Gibson Les Paul 2014 standard when I can justify it!

Dec 12 2014

Pedal Line Friday – 12/12 – Olav Christensen

Today’s pedal line is from Olav Christensen. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedalline@nulleffectsbay.com. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 12/12 - Olav ChristensenHi there! I enjoyed your shared pedal line Friday Facebook post on Home Recording Weekly and was inspired to email you a pic of my own! I am actually a vocalist but have recently taken up bass and guitar! In the process of recording my EP, I went completely overboard on pedals and it has become somewhat of an addiction for me! (-:

My pedals consist of 3 Danes and 5 Americans (I am a Dane residing in Brooklyn, NY) Anyway, from top right to left TC PolyTune, Fulltone OCD, Emma Stinkbug, Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Nano and from there to the bottom row right to left Keeley 4 knob comp, Tortuga Martini, Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress and finally the TC Flashback. I have gotten quite a bit of grief for placing the Holy Grail reverb before the Keeley compressor but I am a huge fan of Daniel Lanois’ guitar sound and experimenting with placement led me to trying this out and I absolutely love that ducked reverb that just seems to expand forever!

Not in the picture I also have a Red Witch Medusa and a modded Dunlop Cry Baby! I used to own a WayHuge Ringworm and I kinda loved it but the use for it is very limited I feel! My pedals are sitting on a Gator board which is a little overkill since I do recording in my bedroom almost exclusively! I guess I just like the order it provides.

I play on a Fender Squier guitar as well as a Fender Jazz Bass for which I use the Keeley pedal and sometimes the OCD! I record straight from the pedals into my recorder and then use the plugin called Recabinet in my DAW! You can hear the result here: Alpha, by DVR

Aug 20 2014

Jónsi – Sigur Ros – Pedalboard Break Down

I can’t believe this one slipped by me.. never noticed it before! I wanted to talk about Jónsi of Sigur Ros. I’ve been a fan of Sigur Ros for years. Jónsi’s bowing guitar, the atmospheric vocals and guitar interplay. Good stuff. Re-al good stuff. I’ve analyzed Jónsi’s pedals in the past, but it was great to see a Rig Rundown by Premier Guitar go into detail about the guitars, etc.

A couple of things. I thought it was interesting that he doesn’t like new strings, and only replaces broken strings. That’s like nails on the chalk board for me. I personally LOVE the feel and sound of new strings. I like to have new strings for every gig when possible. BUT.. one thing that I did relate with him, I like not cleaning my guitar. I have no idea. I’ll wipe my strings, but like the feel of the sweat, grime, etc on my guitars. Especially on those nitro-finish guitars. I thought that was weird of me, but it was interesting that Jónsi was prefers this as well.

Okay, the pedals. Here is the breakdown:

Jónsi - Sigur Ros - Pedalboard Break DownEBS ValveDrive Class A Bass Tube Preamp / Overdrive
Keeley Katana
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
Boss RC20XL Loop Station
Boss TU-3 Tuner

I have seen a TS9 Tubescreamer in the place of the EBS ValveDrive in the past as well.

Like Jónsi? Like Sigur Ros? Let me know what you think by commenting below!!!

Not familiar with Sigur Ros? Check out this video:

Feb 13 2014

Joey Santiago – Pixies – Pedal Board Breakdown

Joey.. Joey.. Joey. When I think about Joey Santiago.. and the Pixies, I can’t help how much he’s influenced me as a guitar player. Not in the sense of style per se, but more in concept. I’ve been a fan of the Pixies, well, forever. They’ve been a mystery for me over the years. I’ve always tried to understand *why* I like this band. What’s the recipe?

I had a few opportunities to see the band throughout the years, and things never lined up. I always thought, I would see them at some point, and then they broke up, but then they got back together, and that opportunity presented itself again. This time, I learned, and made the effort to see them. This was back in 2003 I think?  I saw them in Spokane, WA, and at that show, I finally understood (in my mind) the recipe. To me, the Pixies is the classic – “the sum greater than its parts” situation. Being in a band, it’s easy for the all the players, to attempt to playing something great and fantastic all the time. You’re in a band.. so you play right? Pixies showed me to relax. To play slower. To play one note if needed. Joey Santiago is the master of this. Making tasty decisions. Working with Charles/Black/Frank’s guitar. Support. No Clutter. But then when it’s ‘go time’… it’s guitar fury in your face.

I was so stoked to see that Premier Guitar do a rig rundown for Joey Santiago

Here is the breakdown of pedals on his board

Joey Santiago - Pixies - Pedal Board BreakdownBoss FS-6 Dual Footswitch
Boss EV-5 Expression Pedal
GigRig G2 switcher
DOD FX-17 wah-volume
Electro-Harmonix Nano Holy Grail Reverb
GigRig QuarterMaster
Empress Tremolo2
Lehle Dual Amp Switcher
Boss LS-2 Line Selector
Keeley Compressor (2 knob)
Swart Atomic Boost OC44
Boss FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz
Fulltone OCD
Maxon AD9 Pro Delay
TC Electronic Polytune

Under the board, some Moogerfoogers!

Joey Santiago - Pixies - Pedal Board BreakdownMoog Moogerfooger MF-104M analog delay
Moog Moogerfooger MF-108M Cluster Flux
Moog Moogerfooger MF-105 MIDI MuRF

Also, I just watched a Tiny Desk Concert of the Pixies.. which are is an awesome series on NPR. I thought I would share this as well:

Let me know what you think of Joey Santiago and/or the Pixies by commenting below. Any of you influenced by this guitarist?

Oct 18 2013

Pedal Line Friday – 10/18 – Patrick Gundran

Today’s pedal line is from Patrick Gundran. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedalline@nulleffectsbay.com. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 10/18 - Patrick GundranHello, my name is Patrick Neill Gundran and I am a guitarist based in Seattle, WA.

I play in a few very different projects as a guitarist, but use the same pedalboard in each, with different approaches.

Abductee is a minimalist dark blues punk duo:

Jodie is an aggressive improvised noise duo:

My pedal line:

1. Boss TU 3: my old cheap plastic tuner from the 90’s died last year, so got this. Well built and does what you need a tuner to do and I love Boss stuff.

2. RMC4 Picture Wah: I’ve always had the cheapest Dunlop Crybabies that I’ve found around and were kind of crap. This one is amazing, has the vintage tones you want, extremely well made in Coos Bay, Oregon and not cheap but so, so worth it.

3. Saturn bypass looper: cheap and well made, what can I say? 30 bucks?

4. (loop) Analogman Peppermint Fuzz: sputtery adjustable fuzz, great vintage sound and most importantly, looks freakin’ cool as hell!

5. (loop) Keeley Nova Wah: Pretty spendy for what it does, but I like the design and love all Keeley stuff. This I use to boost the Peppermint Fuzz’s volume and can have two separate wah frequencies on tap too, to counteract the fuzz’s tendency to be dark/muddy.

6.  (loop) 1979 MXR Phase 45: I love phase, but never can find just the right kind or the right place for them. This one sounds great, very Lesile organ sounding. Sound awesome in front of distortion and fuzz, though in the loop I have it after the Pepperment Fuzz and Nova Wah.

7. Keeley Modded Boss DS 1: one of the early one’s by Keeley, very basic useable distortion made more hi fi and louder.

8. Keeley Katana Boost: This one colors things a lot and needs to be in the right spot. I use this on it’s own to drive the front of my Marshall for a great crunch. Also use it to boost the signal further when the looper has the Peppermint Fuzz, Nova Wah and MXR Phase 45 running.

9. Keeley Fuzz Head: This fuzz in more in the distortion realm, but is great running hard into my Marshall. It’s got at clarity within the fat warm fuzz sound, you can hear your guitar sound still. It’s very musical. Great running stacked with the DS1.

10. 1980’s Boss DM2: I had one of these in the 80’s and ended up losing it or it died. I always wanted to replace it. Now they’re ridiculously expensive, but I got an amazing deal on this one. Warm and perfect sounding. Adds so much character and tone. Don’t really need another analog delay with this on board.

11. Aria Flange: I’ve had this since the 1980’s and it’s not in line, but on the board. Sometimes I’ll have it set up for siren sounds or when I need an 80’s flangy sound. This adds a lot of volume boost, which can be useful and it feedbacks awesomely.

Everything is housed in a NYC pedalboard and all the connections are with George L. cables, which really make a HUGE difference in sound.

Cheers! Love your posts!


Oct 4 2013

Pedal Line Friday – 10/4 – Rob Majors

Today’s pedal line is from Rob Majors. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedalline@nulleffectsbay.com. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 10/4 - Rob MajorsHey there, here’s my submission for Pedal Line Friday

I wanted to send in the board I use for my band, Violet Machine. We’re an indie rock/post-punk band out of Brooklyn, NY. I mainly play rhythm, but also do a main riff or a run once in a while. This is the current iteration of my board. I try to keep it as small as possible.

Starting with a …

Korg Pitchblack. I used it on bass in my last band and now I use it on guitar. Works perfectly. Keeps me in tune. Never falters. And it’s cheap enough.

VFE Bumble Bee. Boss Slow Gear clone with a compressor. I use it for swells on one song. Really great for ambient style swells too. Lots of tweakability. (I don’t want a volume pedal and I don’t use the volume knobs.)

VFE Scream. It’s a TS808 that can be adjusted. I always went for super transparent overdrives and avoided Tube Screamers. This was on clearance, so I took a shot at it and it’s just what I needed. After all these years. It’s uber tweakable and can also cop an SD-1 tone.

Keeley Fuzz Head. Great new acquisition. I was using a germanium distortion in this slot before, but I decided I needed something a little fuzzier, and something that cleaned up nice if I roll back on the volume for a song. I mainly use the germanium side, but it has a switch for silicone too.

VFE Blueprint. It does that dark, analog delay everyone gets the Carbon Copy for. But, it can go darker and the modulation is adjustable on the outside. This pedal is always on, because something is just missing when it’s off!

Hardwire DL-8 Delay/Looper. The only thing it doesn’t do is the super dark analog delay thing. If it did, it would be an all in one. I use it for the tape and lo-fi delays and recently started using the looper for one song. I also try to work in a reverse delay but it never seems to be the right time. Subdecay Spring Theory. I mostly use a really long spring setting. This pedal nails it. But, I also use it because the hall setting is great and get basically do infinite reverb and get very washy. The only thing it doesn’t do is completely wet. If there were a wet dry mix, this thing would be perfect in every way.

Boss TR-2. I use choppy tremolo in one song. This pedal does what I need it to. It’s a classic and at the right price.

I’m hoping I’m set for a while with this board. It can do everything I need for now. Check out my band, Violet Machine, at www.violetmachine.com.

Sep 27 2013

Pedal Line Friday – 9/27 – Nigel Houghton

Today’s pedal line is from Nigel Houghton. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedalline@nulleffectsbay.com. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 9/27 - Nigel HoughtonThought you might like to see my setup. Chain goes like this:

Guitar -> Fulltone Clyde Deluxe -> Looper


Loop 1 – Lightning Boy Soul Drive
Loop 2 – Keeley Compressor
Loop 3 – DLS Chorus-Waves CV2
Loop 4 – Malekko Ekko 616 Analog Delay
Tuner Out – Sonic Research Turbo Tuner

After the Looper:

 Fulltone Supa-Trem -> Fulltone Catalyst -> Morley AB Pedal

Board is a PedalTrain 1, power comes from a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus and a T-Rex Engineering Fuel Tank Junior, both mounted under the PedalTrain. Since I play in a classic rock cover band at the moment, I also use a Rocktron Banshee up front in the chain if I know I’m going to need it. I also use a Boss FS-6 foot switch to control an AirTurn unit, which is also powered from one of the units under the board. The AirTurn is used to control OnSong on my iPad (seriously can’t remember the words to all the songs these days). Everything is lit up and protected on stage using a Pedal Guard Pro from StageLitePro. I use the Looper mainly so that I don’t have to “dance” on the board, the tuner-out/mute is also quite useful.

The Catalyst and Supa-Trem sit on PedalTrain boosters so I can get to them easily and if you’re wondering how everything is fastened down, the Clyde, Looper and Supa-Trem are all screwed to the PedalTrain instead of sitting on their rubber feet. All the others use small strips of Godlyke Power Grip. Everything is connected using George L’s, I’ve tried plenty of other solder-less systems over the years and I can tell you that George L’s are by far the best, don’t bother with anything else.

From the Morley AB, the signal goes to a Fender Bassman Tweed ’59 reissue (1985 model) and a Fender Blues Junior Tweed (2011 model). For small gigs I normally just use the Blues Jr and leave the AB pedal out.

I use quite a few Fulltone pedals because they sound great and are extremely reliable. Best pedal on the board though is the Lightning Boy Soul Drive, it’s just phenomenal and I’m not sure what I’d do without it now. It’s become a must-have pedal for studio and live performance. Some folks might be wondering why the compressor comes after the Soul Drive, it’s just the way I prefer it, you should experiment for yourself with putting gain/overdrive before and after a compressor. The only thing I would say is use a really good compressor, it’s one pedal you cannot go cheap on.

The Catalyst at the end of the chain is used for a solo boost on stage, it just fattens the sound slightly and boosts it nicely. Also pushes the tubes a little more in the amps quite well.

I’ve been playing for about 38 years, professionally between the ages of 14 and 30, various different bands and styles since then. As a result I have amassed quite a bit of gear, vintage and new, over the years. So much that I don’t have any room for much of anything else in my basement these days.

Anyway, if you like this stuff, I’ll send you an overview of my practice pedal board as a follow up (you don’t think I’d hump that huge and heavy board around for practice did you?).


Sep 4 2013

Pedal Line Friday (on Wednesday) – 9/4 – Colton Wheeler

I know today is not Friday, but due to the large queue of Pedal Line Friday, I thought I do a few on Wednesdays! Today’s pedal line is from Colton Wheeler. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedalline@nulleffectsbay.com. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday (on Wednesday) – 9/4 – Colton WheelerHere’s mine:

Pedal Line Friday

Ernie Ball VP Jr: This is just a regular VP Jr- no mods or anything. I tried the JHS active/no loss version (which is good in its own rite), but it didn’t work for me.

Wooly Effects Yeti Fuzz: A buddy of mine built this for me, and it is AWESOME. By far the coolest and most versatile fuzz I have. The 3-way switch activates different amounts of low end response and the ‘Howl’ knobs introduces a gate that can go from mild to all out spitty destruction. This is an amazing fuzz built by an amazing guy.

Wooly Effects Mr. Wooly Compressor: This is a Ross-style compressor with a 3-way Release switch that works with the ‘Squish’ to help me to find just the right amount of transparent compression for any style or situation. Definitely an “always on” pedal for me.

Dan Zink Minotaur (Klon Clone): I’ve never had the pleasure of owning a Klon, but I was in search of that killer Klon tone when I discovered this little beauty. After listening to side-by-side demos, I contacted Dan and ordered mine. He’s another great builder with excellent communication and a quick turnaround!

Shoot out clip: https://soundcloud.com/buddachile/klon-vs-minotaur
Dan’s page: http://www.danielzink.com/

Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive (JHS Strong Mod): This is my go-to dirt box. I had the stock version of this pedal for a long time before I sent it off to JHS; it was by far my favorite TS-style pedal before, but now it really sings! I haven’t taken it apart to look, but I suspect that part of the mod involves using LEDs for glorious, loud, and crunchy clipping.

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver (Monte Allums H2O mod kit): Inspired by all the other hand built and modded pedals, I decided to try my hand at making a good pedal better. What followed led me to rotate my Timmy off the board indefinitely… With Monte’s H2O mod, this little guy is everything the BD-2 was meant to be.

TC Electronic Corona Chorus: I honestly feel like this is the best and most versatile digital chorus for the money. I use it in conjunction with the Carbon Copy to create ethereal swells.

MXR Carbon Copy: This is my go-to delay pedal for swells. I use it by itself or with the X4, depending on how long I want it to float.

Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret MKIII: I run this at 18 volts to get that Marshall “brown sound”  out of my Vox AC30, which is naturally a bright amp. Typically, I kick it on for leads to get that extra crunch and headroom to stand out.

TC Electronic Flashback X4: I was so excited when this came out- finally a digital delay done right! I’ve owned other multi-preset delays, and the X4 hits that sweet spot between transparency, durability, and great tone. Plus, the option to add 4 TonePrints is unbeatable!

Boss DS-1 (Keeley Ultra Mod + True Bypass + Synth Switches): A friend of mine gave me this pedal before leaving the country and said, “Do something great with it.” Well the first thing I did was a home-brew version of Keeley’s Ultra/ Seeing Eye Mod. Then I made it true bypass. Then I read about all the circuit bends people are doing to the DS-1 and had to try a few of my own. Several mods later, voila! It’s a real noise maker!

Sounds most like this:

TC Electronic Hall of Fame: This is a “set and forget” pedal for me. I didn’t realize how much I loved it until I sold it, so I had to go right back out and buy a new one! Definitely an unsung hero on my pedal board.

– Colton Wheeler

Aug 9 2013

Pedal Line Friday – 8/9 – Munk Duane

Today’s pedal line is from Munk Duane. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedalline@nulleffectsbay.com. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 8/9 - Munk Duane

Hi there! Munk Duane here. I’ve been following Effects Bay and Pedal Line Friday’s for awhile now and I FINALLY got around to snapping a pic of my ever-evoloving pedal board to freeze a moment in time and share. Tonally, I’m focused on sounds from Modern Country to Classic Rock when I’m out with Munk Duane Band, playing both original and cover gigs.  I also play solo acoustic gigs and score music for TV and film, so I need my pedal board to be a swiss army knife of tone. I play a USA Fender Tele (94) w/ stock pickups, USA Fender VG-Strat, Gretsch 5120 and a Taylor Koa 420CE-SL through a modded Fender Blues Deville and a Fender Hotrod III.

Signal Chain, starting from the right (input from guitar):

Boss V-Wah – I’ve tried the classic CryBaby (which I love) and the Buddah Wah (for True Bypass) but I keep coming back to this thing. The variety of Wah sounds and the extra hotness of a Uni-Vibe sound makes this thing super versatile and hard to quit.

Keeley 4 Knob Compressor - Speaks for itself! From clean tones to smooth leads, it just gives the tone an air of pristine.

Boss TU-2

EHX Little Big MuffI don’t hit this thing often but it’s a color I do need from time to time (especially covering Black Keys songs).

Zvex Box of RockThe “secret weapon” of drive tone. Not sure what I would do without this pedal. The Fender Blues Deluxe and Hot Rod III REALLY take to this thing well. The Little Big Muff before the Box of Rock with both pedals engaged is the 500lb gorilla of crushing crunch. Use sparingly.

Malekko Vibratto - True Bypass and warm for a vintage vibrato. It was also the pedal that convinced me that compact pedals don’t have to suck.

Mooer Ana EchoMore True Bypass analog hotness, primarily used as a slap back. Again, super warm. I’m always looking for warmth to compliment the stock pickups on my Tele.

MXR Carbon CopyMore analog, baby! I have this set to sit just under the solos and legato rhythms to add space.

Line 6 VerbzillaI mostly use the reverb on my Fender amps, so I have the Octo-verb setting dialed in most of the time when I’m going for texture. I’ll be swapping this out shortly for a Strymon Blue Sky.

EHX Freeze PedalLOVE this thing, especially on the solo acoustic gigs. Sustain chords to add texture or solo over. It has a Organ quality.

TC Electronics Ditto LooperAnother critical tool on the solo acoustic gig. Absolutely love the compact pedal design and no frills aspect of this looper. I’ve had the Jam Man Stereo in the past but just never needed all the extended functionality and damn, that thing is big! The Ditto gets it done. The “double click to stop” is the only complaint I have about it, but that’s standard on single switch loopers (not sure how else they’d program it to stop since a single click is record in/out).

For more information, please visit me at http://www.munkduane.com or email munkduane@nullgmail.com   You can also find me on iTunes and Spotify. My latest album “Argue With Gravity” will be released in June 2013.



Munk Duane
Singer | Songwriter | Film Composer

Jul 12 2013

Pedal Line Friday – 7/12 – Scotty Imp

Today’s pedal line is from Scotty Imp. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedalline@nulleffectsbay.com. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 7/12 - Scotty Imp

Hello I’m Scotty Imp, This is my current set-up:

Fender Telecaster Custom
Digitech Whammy
Boss TU2 Tuner
MXR Phase 90
MXR Blue Box
Keeley Comp
Xotic EP Booster
MXR Classic OD
MXR Micro Amp
*not pictured MXR Micro Chorus
TC Electronic Flashback Delay
pedal power – MXR DC Brick
CNB pedalboard
Fender Excelsior combo amp

I play instrumental garage rock, I think. I have just released my newest record called “Hear the sounds in my head come out of your speakers” on Shoe Gum Records. I started out playing drums when I was 13 & still play w/ various bands in NYC now & then. But, mostly now I play guitar & record at my Homewood Way recording studio. Since 2010 I’ve written & recorded over 50 original songs.