Feb 4 2014

Electro-Harmonix Epitome Demo

Electro-Harmonix Epitome DemoThe Electro-Harmonix Epitome – three awesome effects, one enclosure and massive tone possibilities. I was super stoked when the folks at Electro-Harmonix sent over this unit for us to demo! With the Electro-Harmonix Epitome multieffect, you have three effects in one box – Holy Grail Plus Reverb, Electric Mistress Flanger and the Micro POG.

Holy Grail Plus Reverb – Blend, Amount and Reverb Type (Ring, Hall, Room and Flerb). This is a great sounding reverb with a ton of options.
Electric Mistress Flanger – This is a very classic flanger that offers Rate, Flanger and Chorus controls. You can go from subtle to extreme with thisMicro POG – Octave Up, Octave Down and Dry. I myself own the EHX POG2, and was familiar with the excellent tracking. Nothing worse than hearing the unit trying to figure out what octave you’re playing, and the POG handles octave up/down flawlessly.

Along with the three effects, you have a ‘Shimmer’ button in the Holy Grail Plus section. This will re-route the signal. Grail will reverberate the POG’s wet signal. Shimmer will also convert to a digital delay with the POG. As you can imagine to find all the possibilities of each section for a demo can be hard. For this particular demo we basically went from one end to the other, changing a few riffs between each section. We have Jimmy Rolle playing his Gibson Les Paul Gold Top with P90s into a Germino HR100 Head through a Orange 4×12 cabinet (w/Celestion Heritage G12H30 75hz). There is nothing between the guitar and the amp except for the EHX Epitome. It is important to note that the Germino HR100 is a non-master volume amp. Audio was recorded with a Fathead Ribbon Mic and a Shure SM7B, both close mic’d.

You can listen to the high quality MP3 clips via SoundCloud

As you can see.. there are many things that this pedal can do, and we just scratch the surface. If you’re looking for something to inspire your playing, with a lot of options, then the Epitome might be exactly what you’re looking for! You can pick up the Electro-Harmonix Epitome for yourself at Amazon.com for $368.88 (which includes free shipping).

I would also like to send out a special “thank you” to the fine folks at Electro-Harmonix. They’ve making top-shelf pedals for a long time, and continue to push the envelope every year. Take a moment and visit their site at EHX.com to see some of the new pedals they just released for 2014!

Jan 9 2013

gAtari 2600 – interesting video

gAtari 2600When I’m not playing guitar… I work on computers all day (professionally and for fun. I also like to nerd out on electronics – this could be with cables, pedals or random weird electronic projects. A friend of mine let me know about this video where a guy converted a Atari 2600 into a ‘guitar’ of sorts called it a gAtari 2600. He had to do some work.. deal with EPROM Programmer, write software and figure out ways to manipulate his signal.

This guy gets some big sound with the gAtari 2600 for sure!

Here is the video by debuglive:

In the video, the gAtari 2600 shows three Boss pedals. They are: Boss DD-3 Digital Delay, Boss BF-3 Flanger and Boss GE-7 7-Band EQ.

Oct 15 2012

Good Deal on the MXR M-117R Flanger at Amazon

Good Deal on the MXR M-117R Flanger at AmazonToday, I stumbled across another good deal happening at Amazon. This time it’s for the MXR M-117R Flanger. Talking about a classic flanger with the classic flange tone! This is the reissue of the original M-117 brought back by popular demand. You have the following controls – Manual, Width, Speed and Regen. Width, Speed and Regen are self-explanatory. The Manual control allows you to select the frequency center of the effect when auto-sweep is disengaged. To disengage auto sweep, set the Width to zero or fully counter-clockwise.

The MXR M-117R Flanger lists at $273.42 and is usually available for $170, but is currently on sale for only $130.52 at Amazon. This pedal also ships with FREE super saver shipping. Not bad…. $40 off the standard price!

I found the official product video by jimdunlopusa:

Again, the MXR M117R Flanger is on sale for only $130.52 at Amazon. At the time of this post, there were only a few in stock. This price will go up when this particular merchant sells out, so if you’re looking for a flanger, you might want to jump on this one!

Sep 26 2012

Good deal on the Boss BF-3 Flanger on Amazon

Good deal on the Boss BF-3 Flanger on AmazonFor a project a little while back, I got re-acquainted with the Flanger. I was using an older Boss BF-2, and was loving the flange that I was getting. Boss came out with the BF-3 a few years later and some still prefer the BF-2 over the BF-3, but I’ve definitely been seeing the BF-3 on many boards out there.

This morning, I stumbled across a good deal on this pedal – Boss BF-3 Flanger. If you’re looking for a flanger, this might be a great pick up for you. The Boss BF-3 lists at $217.50, and is usually available for $140, but is currently on sale for only $104.98 at Amazon.  That’s $35 off of the going rate for that pedal! Not a bad deal at all!

If found this video by docSanchezFX showing what the Boss BF-3 is all about:

Again, the Boss BF-3 is on sale for only $104.98 at Amazon.com!


Sep 12 2012

Nice demo for Electro-Harmonix Neo Mistress

Nice demo for Electro-Harmonix Neo MistressThis morning I came across a nice demo of the Electro-Harmonix Neo Mistress by the guys at Gilmourish. If you’re into David Gilmour, this might be the best place for you to check out. Lots of gear info, etc. If you listen some of the classic Pink Floyd, you’ll definitely hear some cool flange effects. This was done with the original Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress Flanger/Filer Matrix, but many of those tones can still be recreated with the Neo Mistress.

The Electric-Harmonix Neo Mistress is similar to the original Electric Mistress but with a few tweaks. The original had Rate, Range and Color controls, while the Neo has Rate and Feedback (and in a nano enclosure).

Here is the video by submitted by BjornRiis for Glimourish

You can pick up the Electro-Harmonix Neo Mistress for only $87.00 at Amazon. Great price! You can also still pick up the Electro-Harmonix Stereo Electric Mistress Chorus/Flanger for $123.60 at Amazon.com as well.

Jan 2 2012

Great deal on the T-Rex Twister Chorus/Flanger at Amazon!

Great deal on the T-Rex Twister Chorus/Flanger at Amazon!A few months back we did a demo of the T-Rex Twister II chorus /flanger and it’s a great sounding pedal. The Twister II was created to replace the original Twister – version 1 (correct me if that’s not the case). Everyone knows what to expect when it comes to T-Rex – quality in build and tone. I was excited today to see a great deal on the T-Rex Twister Chorus/Flanger at Amazon. This pedal lists for $399.00, and is usually available for $299, but is currently on sale for a crazy price of $120.16! That’s $278.84 off of list price! At the time of this post there were only 2 left in stock. This price might jump up when it gets down to 1, so it’ll be a race to pick up this deal, but wanted to post it regardless. This pedal also ships with FREE super saver shipping!.

Here is the official description of the T-Rex Twister Chorus/Flanger:

The Twister chorus and flanger effects pedal from T-Rex Engineering is for guitarists who seek a shimmering, rich, vibrant, swirling chorus/flanger tone.

A chorus effect brings your sound to life, adding a dynamic vibrancy to the sonic texture of any song you use it on. But a chorus and a flanger?

Although they sound quite different, these 2 classic effects are so closely related that a single pedal can produce them both. T-Rex deviates from the usual path with The Twister and builds 2 separate units inside a single stompbox. While the chorus adds sparkle and shine to your sound, the flanger puts a funky twist on both chords and single-note lines. Give The Twister a try and discover how this T-Rex pedal is the wild and weird effect you’ve been seeking.

The Twister pedal is packed with features that make sure you get chorus or flange your way. The Twister has a mono output for running through an amp on stage and stereo outputs for the studio or live stereo setups. In chorus mode, the light/heavy switch lets you quickly switch between 2 classic variants of the chorused sound, while the brilliant Tone control lets you take some of the top off for a more subtle effect.

Again, the T-Rex Twister Chorus/Flanger is on sale for only $120.16 at Amazon!

Oct 29 2011

Electro-Harmonix XO Stereo Polychorus

Electro-Harmonix XO Stereo PolychorusToday I wanted to talk about the Electro-Harmonix XO Stereo Polychorus. This is the classic ‘Nirvana’ effect used in “Come as you are”. The polychorus, as the name implies, is not just a chorus effect. It is an analog chorus effect, with flanger and slapback echo functionality and allowing you to combine all for some cool sounds and textures. Electro-Harmonix recently put this in their XO enclosure and changed some of controls. The original had ‘width’ and ‘plate’ and this version now has ‘sweep filter’ and ‘sweep rate’. The other controls are still there – ‘tune/delay’, ‘feedback’ and ‘mode’.

Here is the official description of the Electro-Harmonix XO Stereo Polychorus:

The final word in analog chorus pedals. The classic that Kurt Cobain and Adrian Belew relied on to create their signature sounds. The Stereo Polychorus provides the lushest stereo chorus, rich chiming flange, and the over-the-edge effects that made this versatile pedal legendary.

I found this great video by EHX demoing some of the tones that you can get with the Stereo Polychorus, including the Nivana-esque tone as well as a very close King Crimson tone. Very cool.

You can pick up the Electro-Harmonix XO Stereo Polychorus for $222.00 at Amazon.com

Aug 8 2011

Stranglehulled and Boss BF-3 Flanger

Strangle Hulled and Boss BF-3 FlangerThe following is a guest post by Dave Parsons. If you are interested in guest posting, please contact me! Dave is struggling with his Boss BF-3 for his bass, and he writes about it below. If you have any suggestions, please comment below!

Nobody asked me but if they had, I would tell ‘em that there’s only one band who should be covering “stranglehold” by Ted Nugent, and the name of that band is Killdozer.  There’s a remote chance that some of the personnel in the cover band I play bass for has heard of the movie, but there’s no way any of them have heard of or listened to Killdozer, and I am certain that most 46 year old guitar players who still wear asics wrestling shoes on and off stage haven’t either.

So we (the cover band) are playing on a flatbed at the end of main street in Ione, Wa.  I have my Boss BF-3 flanger sandwiched between a fender tuner pedal and a tube screamer.  The reason why I’m running a tube screamer is because a friend of mine turned me on to the concept of a “buffer”, after I whined to him about how un-flangey my flanger was the last time I used it for this song.  Conceptually, the powers that be in the band told me to keep the flanger effect off until the song breaks down in the middle, that way when I get to the flanger part it will be “really special”.  Anyway, back to the show, here comes the “really special” part, I step on the flanger…not enough enveloping, not sounding very special.  I step on the tube screamer, and that helps a little.  The tube screamer is set with hardly any distortion, because I didn’t want the low-end of the bass to be zapped out by it.  There’s a dude who looks to be in his mid-50’s, and he’s loving it, but he most likely did way too much spray-painting out in the garage with all the doors closed back in the day, so I’m not trusting his reaction.  My ears are hearing total suckage, compared to what I am envisioning the sound should be.

I can’t remember what the occasion was (I’m thinking it was a DARE sponsored event?) but Ted Nugent spoke in front of the students at Hellgate High several years ago, and apparently was dropping fuck bombs every other word.  I would earmark this as the last interesting thing I ever heard re: the ‘Nuge.  I saw him years later on TV, crawling around his compound/home on a “hunt” or whatever, he seemed so completely un-interesting.  I listened to a fair amount of Double-Live Gonzo and Weekend Warriors back in 6th grade, and he occupied that “wild-man” section of likeability with me, but I never really cared much for what he was doing.

I may set something up differently for our next gig, which is in Victor MT.  Our collective volume needs to remain low enough for the waitstaff to shout in their chicken strip orders, so even if I do get the mucho flange-o I seek, it’s going to be a totally vanilla churchey low-volume delivery. I do have one other pedal, a Marshall distortion, and I may try that in lieu of the tube screamer.

Let me know if you’re planning on attending, I’ll be sure to Febreeze my loincloth.

Jul 18 2011

Source Audio Soundblox Tri-Mod Flanger Give Away. And the winner is…

This has been a great give away with a ton of entries. So without further ado, the winner of the Source Audio Soundblox Tri-Mod Flanger Give Away is George DesRoches of Rhode Island! Congrats George, the pedal will ship tomorrow, please let us know what you think.

I would also like to send out a special thank you to Source Audi0 for sponsoring this give away and letting us take it for a test drive! Please check out Source Audi0 for their other products also follow them on Twitter and Facebook too!

Jul 13 2011

Source Audio Soundblox Tri-Mod Flanger Give Away – Reminder

Source Audio Soundblox Tri-Mod Flanger Give Away - ReminderHello Everyone. I just wanted to remind everyone that the Source Audio Soundblox Tri-Mod Flanger give away is still happening. The guys at Source Audio were kind enough to sponsor this give away so a lucky EffectsBay.com reader is going to walk away with this great sounding pedal. The give away officially ends on July 18th at 12PM MST. To enter go here:  “Source Audio Soundblox Tri-Mod Flanger Give Away!

For those of you not familiar with the Source Audio Soundblox Tri-Mod Flanger, you can read our review: “Demo of Source Audio Soundblox Tri-Mod Flanger“. There are two videos and high quality MP3s available for it.

Make sure you get your entry in time, and if you know anyone that might be interested in the pedal, please let them know about it! Make sure you check out Source Audio for their other great pedals. Awesome stuff there!