Apr 18 2014

Pedal Line Friday – 4/18 – Philippe Baudet

Today’s pedal line is from Philippe Baudet. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedallineateffectsbaydotcom. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 4/18 - Philippe Baudet

I’ve been a big fan of this site since I started last year to build my first pealboard for me and for my daughter…She has just started playing Guitar but I thought that Pedals were so cool that I should build a complete one….So, I went online a lot to understand what we should need and why and here is the result.

First, because, my last pedals in the loop are stereo, I wanted to build a stereo set up…I have already an Egnater Tweaker 40 and the second one is on the way…ur Guitars are a G&L Legacy, USA made Strat HSS and another G&L ASAT BLUES BOY, USA as well…and an Ibanez SR1200 premium XV anniversary…(Traveller 400 Eden, thanks Ebay…). The pedal-board is from Chemistry design, made in Minnesota, not too far from where I live in Canada, so, with the food style I thought it was the one I wanted to have….

So, to start with the dirts, I have first in the Chain, a WilsonRippah Q Wah pedal Vintage 12 positions, the only one I found that is so versatile…(Oups, Sorry, the TC Polytune is first…)

Second, Catalinabread Octaver, I hesitated a lot because it was not cheap but don’t regret it at all (Thanks Axe yu shall receive for the very good advices…)…very nicenot only in octaver but with other dirts…
Third, Malekko Omnicron Envelop filter, very small so, perfect for me…
Fourth, Joemeek Floor Q compressor, I fund this one on ebay and because I have the Rack version in my home studio (Joemeek Twin Q preamp), I knew that it could be a good choice for Guitar and Bass…
Maxon Dual Boost. When I realized that it was two boosts in one pedal, I jumped on it, because I wanted to have also a very clean boost at the end of the chain, on top of another more vintage boost, so, perfect, I had saved again some space on my pedal-board.
Fifth, TC overdrive Mojo Mojo, it might not be the best overdrive in the world, but I like it, it’s not too special and to begin with, it was perfect…
Sixth, TC Distortion, the same, both together they sound amazing…
Seventh, Swollen Pickle Way Huge, Long and Mac Quade made me discover this one and I realized that it was a very sought after pedals, so, good choice I think…

And after the Maxxon clean Boost, the signal goes to the second channel of the Empress Buffer…By the way, the guitar output goes into the Radial Dragster, so, I can adjust the Load and after that, I have the First channel of the Empress buffer…So, finally, a buffer at the beginning and at the end of the signal…

Last but not least, the signal is split by the Radial big Shot ABY, which is the transparent switcher I was looking for ( I have the booster before, so, I won’t loose any signal…)

1)KO Amps Tremolo, I wanted a small one and Axe you shall receive made me discover it…I know the position is not the usual one but because it’s a mono pedal, I needed to put it at first…I won’t use it a lot with other pedals anyway, so…

2)TC Phaser and TC SCF chorus….OK, I konw, I have a lot of TC but I have these ones for a while, I was using them with my keys in the 80′s…and still use them with my Stage II…And after the SCF, all the effects are in stereo…and the SCF is true stereo (not just the left with effects and the right with the original signal…)

3) Vortex Flanger ( Got it free with  TC mail in rebate…)
4) TC alter ego, I’m a big fan of Pink Floyd, so, the tone print made by Pro Guitar Shop convinced me…
5) TC Hall of Fame, almost Half Price used at Long and Mac Quade, and because the reviews were good, I took it.
6) Last one, Ditto Looper, small, very easy, to start with, it was perfect…

As I didn’t want to plug and unplug everything all the time, I ordered a Patchbay from Loop Master, good price, nice quality and so, Both send and receive and Guitar output and Amp out to Front amp go through them…I have also 2 stereo patchbay for the two Channel Switch/Loop effect Switchers for the two amps…

Last thing, in order to have as many choices as I could, I Bought the Boss LS-2 in order to mix the two send coming from the two amps…

That’s it, I also attached the drawing of the pedal-board, so, you can see the connections….and everything is powered by two Voodoo Lab power 2 plus, I just need to buy them, I cannot use all the pedals with only a little wallmart anymore….

I hope you enjoyed it…

And by the way, I bought The pedal-snake, the green and the red, it’s Awesome and I bought also 3 cables from Rattlesnake (The second snake for the other Amp is Mogami 2524…), both Cie advertised on this website and I’m glad they did…


Apr 17 2014

EHX Epitome Give Away – And the winner is…

I’ll have to view the records, but this is definitely top 3 give aways we have had on the site. Honestly, I knew it was going to be a popular pedal and the entries didn’t disappoint! I would like to send a special thank you to the guys at Electro-Harmonix for sending this pedal over for a demo and give away. Thanks guys! Please take a moment and visit their site!

So, on to the winner! The winner of the Electro-Harmonix Epitome Give Away is Mitch K. of Idabel, OK! Congrats Mitch! After verifying his entry, he was also the recipient of the bonus prizes. Mitch, you’ll also be receiving a Pedal Label Pack and a 10′ Standard Rattlesnake Cable with Straight plugs! Man.. this is your lucky day!

EHX Epitome Give Away - And the winner is...If you have a chance, please check out Pedal Labels and Rattlesnake Cables as well!

I would also like to thank everyone that contributed! Thank you! Thank you! I have another give away in the works, just dialing in the details, so keep a close eye. And Mitch.. please let us know what you think of the Epitome!!!

Apr 16 2014

BBE Sonic Stomp Deal

BBE Sonic Stomp DealLast night I was checking out Gear Talk and Gear Talk P&W on Facebook – basically checking out boards, etc. I think it’s interesting to see the BBE Sonic Stomp so often. I’ve almost pulled the trigger many times on this pedal. When I post Pedal Line Friday posts, I usually see mention that this pedal is ALWAYS on – similar to the Xotic EP Boost (in regards to people leaving them on).

For those of you not familiar, the Sonic Stomp is the BBE Sonic Maximier rack unit, stuffed into a stomp box. Here is the basic description of what the Sonic Stomp / Maximizer does:

“Sonic Stomp’s application of the BBE technology is just like its big brothers, using frequency-dependent time alignment with integrated amplitude compensation. What’s all that about? Simply put, it helps a speaker more faithfully reproduce the signal so more of the nuance and detail is revealed. Sonic Stomp is not an effect but a tool to allow more of your tone to reach the ears of your audience – and yours.”

Check out this video by JustNickMusic

This morning, I was poking around and found a nice deal on this unit. The BBE Sonic Stomp lists for $179, and is usually available for $100, but is currently on sale for a great price of $71.00! We’re talking $29 off the going rate! At the time of this posting, there were only 15 units in stock. So jump on it.. if you’re interested!!!

If you own a Sonic Stomp, please let us know what you think by commenting below!!!


Apr 14 2014

Sweet deal on the TC Electronic HOF

TC Electronic HOFI talked about the TC Electronic HOF a little while back, but for those of you that are new to this.. this pedal is pretty rad. We’re talking about the TC Electronic Hall of Fame reverb minified into a tiny enclosure. We’re talking single knob / single footswitch. Where things get interesting, is that this has “Tone Print” where you can upload settings/configurations of others into this pedal. Even though, this has a single knob, you can configure this reverb to be a spring reverb.. or a hall ‘verb, etc. If you’re wanting a reverb, but with a very small footprint, this could be a great purchase for you!

The TC Electronic HOF Mini-Reverb lists for $150, but you normally see them in the $110 range, but is currently on sale for a great price of $84.79 at Amazon, and this pedal ships for free!

Here is the official product video by TC Electronic:

Let me know what you think by commenting below!!!


Apr 11 2014

Pedal Line Friday – 4/11 – Darren Dencklau

Today’s pedal line is from Darren Dencklau. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedallineateffectsbaydotcom. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 4/11 - Darren DencklauHey there,

I’ve been following you site for a few years now and figured I would submit a photo for Pedal Line Friday!

I play in a two-piece rock/psychedelic band from Seattle called Jo Jo Jupiter (http://www.reverbnation.com/jojojupiter). Being in a duo that likes to create elements of space, we rely heavily on my effects pedals, which are constantly changing. Here’s the latest version and the board I made myself out of a metal looking suitcase I scored for five dollars at a flea market and then installed two levels of wood inside and added take-apart hinges so I can quickly set up and break down at gigs.

I power everything with a BBE Supa-Charger and generally play through my Fender ’59 Bassman LTD.

1. Boss TU-2 Tuner: It works like it should!

2. Way Huge Electronics Pork Loin: I’ve tried a lot of OD and distortion pedals and to me this one sounds as good or better than most any boutique options out there. It’s very transparent and can be used as a nice boost or quick turn of the knobs renders a classy amount of dirt; it’s a perfect compliment to the Bassman’s beautiful break up and accentuates pick attack.

3. Another Pork Loin!: Why? Because I found one used for $40 and was going to flip it to make some extra cash. However, I tried it as a compliment to the other Pork Loin and fell in love. The two stacked together pack a serious punch when I need it.

4. Earthquaker Devices Hoof: I don’t use this one a lot since I play mostly rhythm guitar in our band. It’s great for solos and has all fuzz needs covered – from old school buzzing to overloaded thundering chaos. Live, it basically melts faces when we need to emphasize things.

5. Boss BF-2 Flanger: One of our favorite influences is Monster Magnet. This pedal can give us that way out spacey feel for a few of our more psychedelic songs and when tweaked the right way provides a staggering vibrato that is similar to a Rotovibe.

6. EHX Holy Stain: I stripped the fugly brown paint and “customized” this one with red paint and a part of a Jimmy Johns sticker. This is a versatile pedal I use for the reverb settings and its tremolo. The previous owner claimed the tremolo didn’t work and sold it to me $30. Little did he know, it works great! I think he just didn’t turn the “amount” knob enough.

7. TC Electronics Alter Ego: I bought this after seeing the demos on Pro Guitar Shop’s website; I am a huge Pink Floyd fan and Andy was displaying some serious Gilmour sounds. I use the Deluxe Memory Man setting the most because it’s just beautiful sounding, but I also love the Echorec and MOD settings for leads. For delay, this pedal can almost do it all!

8. Boss DD-7: Another great delay pedal that I use a lot live, but in an unconventional way. By setting the amount of feedback at 7 o’clock on the 200ms setting I can give a quick on and off stomp to get a terrifically chaotic repeat that fades slowly while I move on to the next part of the song. It works to make us appear bigger than we are and people are usually stumped on how two people can make such a big sound. At home, I use the DD-7 as a looper and it helps provide all sorts of new material and inspiration.

Thanks for the time!

Apr 10 2014

Talking with Chad Beeler of The Bass Shop

I’ve been friends with Chad Beeler for a while now. He’s been a long time supporter of EffectsBay – but with his other business BassEFX.com. I was excited when he contacted me about his new shop called – The Bass Shop. If you play bass, Chad is a great guy to know. He’s incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about everything bass related.

The Bass ShopSince The Bass Shop is a new venture for him, he thought it would be fun to do a couple of things. First – a little mini-interview with Chad and the business.. and second, a little give away. For details on the give away, please read about it at the end of this post.

- Where are you located, and how long have you been in business?  
I’m in Seattle, WA (West Seattle specifically).  We launched in October of 2013.

- Do you have a physical location? Or are you online primarily?  
Online right now, building a presence, and looking to add a physical location sometime this year.

- How long have you been in the “gear” business (past experience)  
I worked as a bass specialist at Seattle Music from 1991-1993 then went on to co-found and run Bass Northwest for 15 years, 1994-2009.

- Why are you focusing on bass related gear only?  
Although there are a number of bass specialty shops, the niche is still under-represented.  I’ve been doing this for a very long time and have a long standing personal relationship with most bass and bass amp builders out there as well as a number of boutique pedal companies.  It’s what I know and I have a lot of customers locally, nationwide, and globally who are excited to see my new shop take root.

- Do you buy used gear? Or are you exclusively selling new instruments?  
I buy some used basses, rely on consignments mostly, and will eventually sell new basses from a few selected bass manufacturers.  Overall, I expect an 80/20 mix of used to new instruments.

BTW, I’m always seeking out consignment basses.  Right now, the split is 80/20 in the consignors favor, and I pay as sold after the trial period. Inventory is on the low side right now, but growing. So definitely contact me if you want to consign your bass.  Here’s a link to all The Bass Shop policies including consignments: http://www.thebassshopseattle.com/pages/policies

- Do you sell amps and pedals as well?  
I operate another website www.bassefx.com  (Bass EFX), which I started in 2010.  It’s doing very well and I will be able to incorporate it into the retail space along with the instruments.  Local bassists are as excited about this and are stoked to have a place to try out the range of bass-oriented pedals I offer.  Amps are different story.  As a retailer, amps and cabs take up a lot of floor space, are a pain in the ass to ship, the margins aren’t that great, and they are widely available on most sites and from most other stores. If I sell and amp or cabinet, it will be one or two manufacturers, period.  I will represent what I like and what I play through, that’s it. But for now, I just want to focus on the instrument. It’s a personal thing for all players and it’s where they need the most guidance, especially if they’re going to drop a big chunk of dough on a new or additional bass.  Also, at my old shop, I was the guy setting up, cleaning, and sometimes resurrecting basses that we took in on trade or consignment.  I take great satisfaction going through this process.  It has allowed me to learn a great deal about the differences, subtleties, and personalities of a wide range of instruments.  My former business partner estimated the number of setups I performed at around 20,000. It’s that kind of knowledge that allows me to help a player find the right instrument. Kind of went on a tangent, but you can tell it’s the instrument that motivates me.

- What are some of your favorite builders right now.. and why?  
I’ve been a dealer for most of them, but I Iike Roscoe, Dingwall, Mike Lull, Nash, and Zon a lot.  These builders have always made great instruments, but in any industry it’s the relationships that matter, and I really like working with these folks.  They represent a full spectrum of the bass, from classic to modern design and the overall feel of these instruments is appealing to me. I should also mention Regenerate Guitar Works.  They are a new builder here in the Northwest and creating some cool Fender-inspired basses, but also a range of higher end proprietary designs.  They are the first “new” manufacturer that I will be working with and I really dig their stuff. But really, all serious builders make great instruments and my personal opinion is based on what suits me.

- Can you help advise on bass purchases?
And with other gear related purchases?  Absolutely.  On both.  But since I won’t be selling amps, I can point you in the right direction and narrow down your choices.  Bass purchases take more knowledge and finesse in guiding a player, in my experience, and that’s where I excel.

- What do you think are some of the most important features when picking out the perfect bass?  
Weight, balance, neck profile, string spacing if it’s a 5 or 6 string bass, and pickup/electronics combination.  If the bass feels good right away, the rest will fall into place as you start checking off the lesser variables.  The biggest consideration for most players, though, is price.

Personal interest

- What did you like to listen to 20 years ago? What do you like to listen to today?  Twenty years ago?  
Lots of Seattle bands, Red Hot Chili Peppers, King’s X, Fishbone, Weather Report, and Soul Coughing.  Today? It’s all over the map.  With Spotify and other music outlets, I’m hearing so much great new stuff.  We have a local radio station, KEXP, that’s totally independent and has turned me on to vast amounts of music. Depending on my mood, it can range from Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar to Metal to Techno to Dub Step to Rockabilly.  I have kids now, so they listen to music I normally wouldn’t gravitate toward:  PSY, LMFAO, Lady Gaga, etc…but I don’t throw them on unless the kids ask…nicely…with the “magic word”. Surprisingly, I appreciate what those artists do.

- Pick one.. active vs. passive?

- Pick one.. pick vs. fingers? 

Chad wanted to offer this little give away. To enter.. is about as easy as it gets… just like The Bass Shop on Facebook.

On Monday April 21st, Chad will pick a random winner at Facebook. The winner will receive this fun pack, which includes a The Bass Shop T-Shirt, A pack of Dunlop bass strings and a Mooer Fog Bass Fuzz Pedal! I think that is a sweet package.. and all you have to do is like the page? Come on.. do it!

The Bass Shop Give Away

Apr 8 2014

Electro-Harmonix Epitome Give Away Reminder

Electro-Harmonix EpitomeOk.. time is running out on this. For those of you in the dark… we’re giving away a Electro-Harmonix Epitome to a lucky EffectsBay reader! I would first like to say thank you to great folks at Electro-Harmonix for sending this pedal our way! Please take a moment and check out their site (and their new pedals for 2014)!

A little while back, we had a chance to demo this great pedal. Here is the video of that demo, but to read the full demo and listen to a high quality MP3 of the track please check out this post – “Electro-Harmonix Epitome Demo

As you can see/hear, this pedal is capable of some cool, weird, awesome goodness! We will stop taking submissions on April 11th, so if you want a chance at this.. you best get on it. To enter the give away, please check out this post – “Electro-Harmonix Epitome Give Away“. There is a bonus give away with this as well, so don’t miss out on that as well!

Apr 7 2014

Great Deal on the Way Huge Fat Sandwich

Great Deal on the Way Huge Fat Sandwich Well, well, well.. I found a hot deal some of you guys might be interested in. This morning I came across a great deal on the Way Huge Fat Sandwich. The Way Huge Fat Sandwich uses a multi-stage clipping circuit for some awesome crunchy goodness. The Fat Sandwich uses a passive tone stack, along with Volume and Distortion controls there are Presence and Resonance controls.  Just like a few other Way Huge pedals, the Fat Sandwhich also has internal trim pots, these are – Curve which lets you control the corner frequency of the overdrive filter and Sustain which adjusts the gain of the final distortion stage.

Here is the official product video for the Way Huge Fat Sandwich by jimjunlopusa:

Okay, let’s talk about the deal on the Way Huge Fat Sandwich. The Fat Sandwhich lists for $298.32, but is usually available for $180, but is currently on sale for a crazy low price of $117.29 at Amazon.com! This pedal also ships for FREE! That’s $62 off the going rate.. fantastic!!!  At the time of this posting, there were 6 units left, so if this sounds interesting, you best jump on it!!

Let me know what you think about the Way Huge Fat Sandwich by commenting below!

Apr 4 2014

Pedal Line Friday – 4/4 – Brandon Highfill

Today’s pedal line is from Brandon Highfill. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedallineateffectsbaydotcom. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 4/4 - Brandon HighfillHello!
This is my third pedal line Friday and the board has changed! (big surprise right?)  you can hear this rig in action at meltfacerecords.bandcamp.com/album/fragments-of-god


Here’s the chain :
Guitar into -> Dunlop high gain volume pedal -> boss cs2 (Japan) -> xotic AC booster -> Devi Ever Shoegazer -> way huge swollen pickle -> MXR blue box script with c11 mod -> boss ge7 -> ibanez de7 -> eventide pitchfactor -> eventide modfactor -> eventide timefactor -> eventide space -> Digitech jamman

Starting at the pitchfactor, every pedal is run in stereo and stereo out of the jamman into :
Roland JC 120
Hiwatt Hi-gain 50

Also pictured:
Effect selector for Roland JC 120
Expression pedals for eventide boxes
Aux switch for time factor

Guitars :
Rickenbacker 330
Fender blacktop Jazzmaster
AXL jazzmaster

Apr 4 2014

Coffee and Riffs

Coffee and RiffsMan… I love these. You might too. Brady from Walrus Audio has been putting out episodes on the YouTubes called Coffee and Riffs. I really enjoy these. They’re not *demos*, they’re not *instruction*, they’re not *interviews*.. basically, it’s Brady or friends that find an interesting combination of pedals with little guitar riff, talk about coffee, play some riffs. I really dig ‘em

This one (episode 8) features Daniel Weaver from Power Pyramid and using some great pedals with an awesome Fender Mustang:

Pedals featured in the above video are – Walrus Audio Mayflower, Earthquaker Devices Organizer and Mr. Black SuperMoon. Awesomeness. For those of you not familiar with these pedals.

Walrus Audio Mayflower – Awesome sounding overdrive. More midrange than the Voyager.
Earthquaker Devices Organizer – Polyphonic Organ Emulator
Mr. Black SuperMoon – Great sounding modulated reverb.