Sep 19 2014

Pedal Line Friday – 9/19 – Kevin Anderson

Today’s pedal line is from Kevin Anderson. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedallineateffectsbaydotcom. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 9/19 - Kevin Anderson Hi EffectsBay,I have a submission for Pedal Board Friday. I may have a two-for in our band we have two lead guitars and I could give you the lead singers’ guitar setup next week  – if you wish. I’m an Architect so I intially drew this board up in cadd and included a snap of the cad dwg. Also is the band contact info at the end of this email. The body of the below text is also attached in doc format.Thx

Hi Kevin A.,I play with No. IL. band called 5Rounds (

My Pedal board: Designed and built by myself, modified over the years to suit. The main idea has been to keep it relatively small, quick, flexible and portable. I purchased a mid-sized aluminum tool “briefcase” that was both perfect size, padded inside, had some storage, locking & looked good. A modification I made was to add an aluminum cased Loop-Master 5 loop w/Master By-Pass& Tuner-out pedal switch that is not “smart”, but greatly cuts down on the tap dancing. There are 2 (in/out for ea.) so I use GeogeL’s or cheap short patch cables – some 90 & some straight because of the tight area to plug into on the back of the LoopMaster. Everything is powered by a Gator Gbus-8 w/ (8) 9-volt & (3)18-volt separate supplies & mounted underneath. I used to use a single VisualSound 1-spot PS.  I still kick in/out the main distortion/OD, and make small adjustments to pedals during a show, but mostly it’s a set & forget and just a tap, lower& closer by foot to activate. It’s all into 4×12 straight Celestion speaker cab and modded 22 watt tube Head with 2 channels & FX loop. A two channel setup allows use of amp’s tube overdrive on the 2nd lead channel and a cleaner setting on the 1st channel. To use Fx loop complicates my setup somewhat as only a portion of the effects are going thru the amp fx loop.

Pedal Line Friday - 9/19 - Kevin Anderson So the chain is; the guitar into a PitchBlack Tuner (I like more than the Boss Tu3, & others)  it also acts as a mute and is not in the LoopMaster Tuner specific input. That is then routed underneath (for clean above board look) to the main Overdrive pedal FullTone GT-500 (I love this) Two Ch OD pedal, with sep controls for vol/Distort & Bass/M/Treble on each ch. This then route back out and goes to a DigiTech Jammman solo XT Looper and to the front end input of the amp. Sometimes lately I’ve also been using a BBE SonicMax at the front input too. The board effects are the modulations that are all input to the LoopMaster and out to the amp Fx loop. They are a FullTone Ultimate Octave w/ both Octave up & a most nasty dirty distortion sep/both, a BBE MindBender dual Vibrato/Phaser, a cheap Fab Flanger (sounds good), a TC Electronic Flashback Delay & Looper pedal (great!) I have other pedals that sometimes switch in, lend out & or are in the process of modding. I’ve tried the two separate distortion pedals and none are as good for me as the flexibility & great sound of a two-in one like the FullTone GT500. All of this on (mostly) a 16″x12″ platform. Tube amp mods were tube swaps (pre & power), a few resistor/cap mods and original transformer swaps for Mercury Mag’s. Who knew that just 22 watts could sound so flippin’ good and powerful when needed.

Kevin Anderson
5Rounds Band:
Twitter: @5_rounds

Sep 18 2014

Nels Cline and his Jazzmaster

Nels Cline and his JazzmasterI remember a few years ago, I was curious about Fender Jazzmasters, but overall… frankly.. I thought they were not the guitar for me. Too many switches. Too goofy. I didn’t get it. About 3 years ago, I ended up buying an AVRI ’62 Jazzmaster for a project that required that sound, with the plan of selling it once the project was over. But, after cracking open the case, there was an immediate connection with this guitar. You know what I’m talking about? I noticed I was playing it all the time. Sure, there were issues that were annoying. The bridge sucked. I hated the trem bar falling off the guitar. But I added a Mastery bridge.. that problem fixed. I added a StayTrem trem bar.. that problem fixed. Now, this is by far my number one guitar for me (I’m sure this will change in the years to come).

Nels Cline is one of those dudes that I think of immediately with Jazzmasters (J Mascis, Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Robert Smith, Elvis Costello as well). I came across this interesting video by Fretboard Journal where Nels talks about his ’59 Jazzmaster.

I thought it was interesting that he credits Thurston Moore for getting him to initially want a Jazzmaster. I would have figured that Nels would have been playing Jazzmasters for years prior.

Let me know what you think of Nels. What you thought of this video. What you thought about that array of pedals he’s rocking (You can view a break down here). Please leave a comment below!

Sep 17 2014

Stupid Deal on the BBE Free Fuzz on Amazon

The title of this post says it all. This morning, I came across a stupid deal on the BBE Free Fuzz. The BBE Free Fuzz is a simple good sounding fuzz, and if you’re looking to pick one up on the cheap .. this is your lucky day. The BBE Free Fuzz lists for $169 and is currently on sale for only $24.99 and includes FREE shipping at Amazon. Yes… $24.99.

Here is a sample by BBETV:

Now.. this deal won’t last long. At the time of this post.. there were only 4 units in stock. I would say when it gets down to 1 left, the price might spike back up. For all the later readers who are upset about the price change.. here is a screen snap showing what I’m seeing:

Stupid Deal on the BBE Free Fuzz on AmazonIf you own a BBE Free Fuzz… let us know what you think by commenting below! Hope some of you get a chance on this deal!

UPDATE: Looks like price jumped up to $57 after the count dropped down to 1. At least a few of you guys got the sweet deal!

Sep 16 2014

Bass Fuzz Pedal Shootout

Bass Fuzz ShootoutThis morning I came across a great video by chicagomusicexchange - a bass fuzz pedal shootout! I definitely get asked about good fuzz for bass, and I’ve recommended a couple of these, but it’s really cool to see them side by side so you can see the differences. The video is fairly quick and there is no ‘dialing’ going on, but you get a general sense of the overall fuzz tones happening.

When it comes to bass and fuzz, it’s important that the fuzz is actually heard in the mix. Often time, fuzz will get lost, so think about the mid-range growl and the top note harmonics in the fuzz.. and think about how it will fit in with the guitar(s). Something that might not sound super great in the video.. might actually cut and be great in the band setting.

Here is the video:

Here were the fuzz pedals used in the demo:

Death by Audio Fuzz War
Devi Ever Ruiner
JHS Pandamonium Bass Preamp & Fuzz <= discontinued
Electro Harmonix Big Muff Bass Pi
Zvex Woolly Mammoth

So what stood out for you? What was not great? What fuzz would you call the most useful? What fuzz would cut the mix the best? Let me know by commenting below!

Sep 15 2014

TC Electronics Flashback Mini

TC Electronics Flashback MiniAs pedals get more and more popular, one problem continues to happen for the pedal enthusiasts. We run out of pedal board real estate. You’re sometimes faced with that horrible decision of removing a pedal to get a new one on the board. After enough of this, you realize you *need* all of these pedals to do what you need to do. Your only real option is go get a bigger board. That would solve a lot, but thankfully, builders are trying to help out. Mini-pedals. Pedals with a smaller footprint get a bit more space on the board.

I was particularly interested when I saw the TC Electronics Flashback Mini. You usually don’t see delays in the *mini* form factor. Lots going on under the hood, so it was impressive to see that TC Electronics was able to squash the Flashback into this enclosure.

Here is the official promotion video for the TC Electronics Flashback Mini:

As you can see/hear.. that’s pretty cool. The Tone Print capability is a great option to dial in a rough preset and use the mini to manage that preset. If you tweak between delay modes, then you might need to stick with the standard Flashback.

You can currently pick up the TC Electronics Flashback Mini at Musician’s Friend for only $110.12 and this includes FREE shipping!

Sep 12 2014

Pedal Line Friday – 9/12 – Ethan Sims

Today’s pedal line is from Ethan Sims. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedallineateffectsbaydotcom. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 9/12 - Ethan SimsHi, my name is Ethan Sims. Currently between bands. Here’s my signal path

Korg Pitch Black Tuner
Morley Wah
EHX Octave Multiplexer(big box edition)
Fulltone Ultimate Octave Fuzz
EHX Hot Tubes (nano edition)
Way Huge Angry Troll Boost
Akai Head Rush E2
EHX Holy Grail Reverb(nano edition)

From there it goes into the studio channel of my Bassman Ten. My main guitar is a Fender Telecaster.

Sep 10 2014

Old Blood Noise Endeavors – Black Fountain Delay

Old Blood Noise Endeavors - Black Fountain DelayI’ve been itching to talk about this for a while. Old Blood Noise Endeavors (OBNE) is a new pedal company started by Brady Smith. Brady Smith was also one of the major guys behind Walrus Audio who I absolutely love. Looks like Brady partnered up with Seth McCarroll and formed OBNE. You know.. great things are going to come of this!

Right now, they’re offering one pedal – the Black Fountain Delay. Before analog bucket brigade delays, there were *oil can* delays. This was a portable option for tape delays. I heard about these.. but knew very little about them. I found this page that explains it incredibly well. Check it out.

So, the guys at OBNE wanted to replicate that sound found in the Morley EDL, Tel-Ray Model 10 and Fender Echo-Reverbs. The big characteristic is the *wobble* of the delay. A little different than vintage modulation. Their Black Fountain Delay offers the following controls – Time, Feedback, Mix, Fluid and 3-way toggle for delay mode (Modern, Organ and Vintage).

Check out this great video:

They also put a more *typical* demo of the pedal… I’m digging this style…

Currently the OBNE Black Fountain is only available at their website for $199. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on these guys. Let me know what you think by commenting below!

Sep 9 2014

Courtney Love’s Isolated Vocal/Guitar – Celebrity Skin Live

I’ve been thinking about this post ever since I saw this video. Basically, a recording engineer was hired to record the performance for the venue and was never paid and then he posted the isolated guitar and vocal tracks of Courtney Love’s performance that night in 2010. Now, to take the easy low road, you can make fun of the guitar playing. It’s bad. I get it. Here is the video:

But the interesting thing… I started to reflect about my own guitar playing. I don’t want to defend or justify the quality of play. I mean – she’s in Hole. They’re *pro*. It should be awesome, right?

What it did remind me of – those times when you’re on stage. You think you killed it. Performance was high energy. You felt like you were in the pocket, but after listening to a live recording of the performance, you start hearing the clams all over the place. Maybe I was *too* loose. I guess I wasn’t that awesome after all, you begin to think… wow.. I actually sucked.

I think playing live is about walking the tightrope of high energy performance while maintaining massive control of your instrument. Experience, and practicing (like you were playing a live show) is the key.

Regardless of her performance, the rest of the band pulled it through. The fans were into it. And when we talk about a band, it’s a group effort to get through the night and leaving the crowd stoked.

Let me know what you think about slop/energy when playing live. What do you do to tighten the screws while being energetic and loose? Let me know what you think!

Sep 8 2014

Boss RC-1 Loop Station

Boss RC-1 Loop StationInteresting new gear alert! I wanted to talk about the Boss RC-1 Loop Station! No idea why they didn’t name it RC-4, since they already have the RC-2 and RC-3 Loop Stations. BUT.. they took their successful compact looper and added some great features. First off, I like that it appears to be much simpler, similar to the TC Electronic Ditto. The previous Loop Stations had storable programs, this appears to be a straight up / real time looper.

Now onto some of the cool features. The first obvious feature – loop indicator. When creating a loop, sometimes it’s hard to determine when your first loop is restarting. There is a visual indicator that shows where you are at in the loop. Kinda nice.  Next, it saves the recorded phase into memory, even if the unit is turned off. I’m assuming it’s the first phrase. This looper also has stereo in and outs. This is nice especially in a smaller profile unit. Finally, there is a simple level adjustment for the loops.

Check out this video:

According to Musician’s Friend, the Boss RC-1 Loop Station will cost $129 and expects to ship on 9/25/2014. You can preorder the pedal now!

Please let me know what you think about the Boss RC-1 Loop Station by commenting below!


Sep 5 2014

Pedal Line Friday – 8/5 – Larson Lind

Today’s pedal line is from Larson Lind. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedallineateffectsbaydotcom. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include iany links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 8/5 - Larson LindI’m Larson, guitarist and singer for Dusty McQueen. We’re a Punk/Post-Hardcore two piece out of Laramie, WY

I use a Gibson SG Standard and from there into my pedals:

1) Boss TU-3 – Rock solid tuner

2) Diamond Compressor – My “always on” pedal, helping with string separation and clarity when the dirt is on

3) Earthquaker Devices Organizer – I use the octave down and a little of the octave up to make a few solos a bit more interesting

4) Acid Age Supercollider – This is used as a lead boost and for any heavier parts in general

5) Earthquaker Devices Monarch – My main dirt pedal, the only one I’ve been completely happy with for an amp-like sound. Running it at 18V really extends the low end of the pedal and is perfect for making our 2 piece sound huge.

6) MXR Carbon Copy – Great little analog delay, and getting it to self-oscillate is a ton of fun!

All of this runs into an Ampeg V4B-AV and Fender Twin Reissue. Thanks for checking it out!

Pedal Line Friday - 8/5 - Larson Lind - Guitar/Amps
Band links are: