Apr 7 2011

T-Rex Luxury Drive vs. TC Jauernig Luxury Drive

T Rex Luxury Drive vs TC Jauernig Luxury DriveLast week I posted about the T-Rex Luxury Drive. I’m not sure about the history of how it came from TC Jauernig to T-Rex (if you know, please comment or email me). A few of you asked if there were any differences, and some who were familiar with both had opinions (either T-Rex was better or the TC Jauernig was).

I found a video by Gearmanndude where he does a comparison between the two. I thought it was interesting so I’m posting that video below:

Which one did you think was better? If you’re looking to pick up the T-Rex Luxury Drive, it’s available for $149.00 at Amazon.com. If you’re liking the TC Jauernig Luxury Drive, you can find it via PedalNerd. You still may be able to purchase one direct from TC Jauernig’s web site as well.

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