Feb 9 2011

Andy and his 16 fuzz pedals video

Andy and his 16 fuzz pedals videoAndy from StompBoxSonic.com (which is a great site by the way – you should definitely check it out!) took on the daunting task of quickly comparing a bunch of fuzz pedals. He doesn’t do any adjusting, just plays a simple riff through each of the pedals to give you an idea of what they’re all about. He also used the same guitar, mics and amp throughout the process, to eliminate some variables. It’s pretty cool hearing the different characteristics. Some are bright, some are dark, some are nasely, etc. There is quite an assortment of fuzzes in there. From common fuzz to some pretty obscure boxes. Fun stuff.

Here are the fuzz pedals shown in the video:

Top Row
Chunk Systems Brown Dog

Chicago Iron Octavian Plus
MXR Classic 108 Fuzz (M-173)
Dunlop Fuzz Face
Guyatone Mighty Micro Torid Fuzz
Sovtek Big Muff

Middle Row
EarthQuaker Devices Tone Reaper
EarthQuaker Devices Hoof Fuzz
Barge Concepts BB Jr.
ProCo Rat2 Distortion
ZVEX Fuzz Factory

Bottom Row
Red Witch Fuzz God
Maestro Fuzz-Tone
Euthymia ICBM
Ashbass FUZZ-brite

Any fuzzes you wish were included? Personally, I would have liked to have seen the Fulltone ’69 in there.

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