Oct 20 2011

Documentary in Development – Searching for Terry : Discovering a guitar legend

Documentary in Development - Searching for TerryIf you follow this blog, you know I have a thing for documentaries. Especially music/guitar docs. Love ‘em! Today I received an email who is involved with a documentary that is currently in development titled - Searching for Terry : Discovering a guitar legend. They’re currently looking for some funding to get the project off the ground and I thought I would mention it today.

Terry that is mentioned in the title is Terry Kath, who was the original guitarist and founder of the band Chicago.  It’s funny, I do remember Chicago in the 80s (not a big fan of) but I was recently introduced to some older stuff, specifically 25 or 6 to 4. That song is great, and the older stuff in general is more my vibe. I didn’t realize that Terry Kath died (strange circumstances) until watching the trailer and doing some research immediately afterward.

This documentary is by Terry’s daughter – Michelle Kath Sinclair. She was 3 years old when Terry died in 1978, so her memories of her father are foggy at best. The documentary follows her as she rediscovers her dad from archive footage and material from his point of view. This reminds me of another story similar – Ian Curtis (of Joy Division) and his daughter Natalie. It’s quite hard to think of having parent pass away before getting to know them, but in their case it is nice to know there are artifacts, footage, stories and accounts to discover.

Here is the official teaser for the documentary:

Here is a brief synopsis of the documentary:

The film is a coming of age documentary of a woman in search of her father’s identity, both as a rock icon and as a creative master.  Michelle must take the audience on a journey that digs beneath the public surface.  She hopes to learn more about Terry’s personal struggle against the pop machine in favor of his quest for creativity and reveal the highs and lows of a turbulent rock scene.  She seeks to discover the secrets behind Terry’s great talents, including his musical influences and demonstrate in turn how his music has influence another generation of artists.  As a working DJ in the LA music scene, she realized that her generation experiences Chicago through samples and remixes from artists like Fat Boy Slim, Girl Talk, De La Soul, The Bucket heads and Pitbull to name a few.  Her goal is to present an in-depth portrait of her father’s creative process and share it with a new generation of music groupies.

Please take a moment and check out their kickstarter page. Their at 51% of their goal with 12 days to go.  If you can help out, please do!

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  • Tommy Coker Says:

    The very first of many concerts I saw was at the Omni in Atlanta Ga.in 1976. The Band was Chicago.I was hooked. All I can remember was how I was overtaken by the colorful sound of this band. The other thing that captured my attention and made an indelible impression was a man by the name of Terry Kath. I went on to see Chicago three more times. Terry was a very talented and underated guitarist who held his own ground during those days. His voice was distinctive and great. He was the heart and soul of Chicago and they have never been at the level they were since his passing. The 70’s were such a great time. I miss all the talent we no longer have today.

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