Oct 13 2010

Free Shirt Wednesday – 10/13 – Porter Pickups

Free Shirt Wednesday - 10/13 - Porter Pickups

Today’s Free Shirt Wednesday is Porter Pickups out of Boise, Idaho. It was great to meet Brian Porter (owner of Porter Pickups) on Twitter a few months ago. Since meeting, we’ve done a great and successful sponsored give away, where Brian gave away a set of custom Porter Pickups to the winner. The winner was able to choose everything about the pickups, down to the bobbins, windings, etc!

Porter Pickups makes replacement pickups for Strats (50s, 60s and modern), Teles (Standard and Nashville), Humbuckers (Classic, Smooth, Overdrive, Clear), P90s (Smooth and Classic) and they make Custom Series Pickups (Anthem PAF Humbuckers). Brian also does re-winds and pickup repairs. Porter Pickups are really starting to get their name out there… and you can only do that by providing quality at a great price.. and that’s what they do!

Porter Pickups has a great blog that is definitely worth following (Sign up to their newsletter, or follow them on Twitter and Facebook)

So how do these pickups sound?? Check out this video where Billy Penn from 300Guitars.com plays the Tele set:

I was stoked to receive my Porter Pickups t-shirt for Free Shirt Wednesday, but if you want one.. they have them available for order, view this page for details.

Brian.. thanks for the shirt!

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