May 5 2010

Free Shirt Wednesday – Tom Tom Magazine

Last week I was checking out Jeremy’s site ( and came across a great little podcast, where Jeremy interviews Mindy Abovitz of Tom Tom magazine. I gave it a listen, and I was liking what I was hearing. Basically, Mindy (who is a drummer) has passionately created her own print magazine (and a website) that celebrates female drummers out there. I like to hear about stories of people into what they do.. and make something of it!

Tom Tom Magazine

I have a 4 year old daughter, and she loves banging on the drums. She can also maintain some time, which I’m still quite surprised with. I often think it would be cool if she got into it, and just like guitar, it’s good to have role models to help inspire and encourage your dream of playing a instrument. There are not many female drummers out there (I only know of one personally) so it’s great to have a place where they can share a voice.

After hearing the podcast, I immediately checked out their site, and sent Mindy a email letting her know about Free Shirt Wednesday, and she was into it. Shortly after, a shirt arrived (and a issue of Tom Tom!)

So I’m really happy to help spread the word of Tom Tom! If you have a few moments, please check out and tell Mindy that sent ya!

Visit Tom Tom Magazine on Twitter and Facebook.

Now, if you want to be featured on Free Shirt Wednesday.. it’s really quite simple. Send me a shirt, if it’s music related (ie: guitar builder, band, pedal builder, guitar shop, recording studio, etc) I’ll dedicate a blog post about your biz, band, etc. I’ll take a photo with my aging, slightly pudgy mug and post it. Great simple, cheap form of advertising. Still interested? Then check this page for more info

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