Jul 1 2014

Great deal on the Carl Martin “The Fuzz”

Great deal on the Carl Martin Over the years, I’ve seen some great sales on Carl Martin pedals, and I haven’t seen one in a little while, but today.. there is one. There isn’t many units, so if this sounds interesting, you should jump on it ASAP. Today I came across a great deal on the Carl Martin The Fuzz pedal. I’ve seen this pedal as high as $320, but is currently on sale for a great price of $137.54 with FREE shipping from Amazon.com. As you can see that’s a pretty major drop in price.

I was able to find a demo of The Fuzz by Goldmusicsrl

In a nutshell, the Carl Martin The Fuzz is a fuzz pedal..that is highly configurable. Controls include level, deep, high, gain, bass, middle and treble. Having the mid control is major when it comes to fuzz, to help stand out in the mix.

Again, the Carl Martin The Fuzz is on sale for only $137.54 at Amazon.com. At the time of this post, there were only 2 units left in stock, so this won’t last long.


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