Nov 7 2011

Walrus Audio – Voyager Overdrive Give Away

Walrus Audio - Voyager Overdrive Give Away


I’m really excited to announce this particular sponsored give away. We’re talking about the Voyager Overdrive by Walrus Audio. Brady Smith of Walrus Audio is sending over a Iron Horse for a review, but in the meantime, he’s offering up a Voyager OD for the give away.

Walrus Audio is a group of musicians and engineers creating guitar pedals that THEY want to use. I really like their DIY ethic and how they try to incorporate art into the production of the pedals themselves. Both visually and sonically. I really like what they’re doing and their pedals sounds really good! Make sure to check out their website, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook!

Here is the official description of the Walrus Audio Voyager Overdrive:

The Voyager is a gain/preamp overdrive that boasts a full spectrum of tone from any setting on its simple set of controls. From its lowest to highest settings, the Voyager provides a uniquely superb amount of clarity to any style of playing. At lower gain settings, it brightens the signal and adds clarity to each note played. With the gain turned up, the Voyager transforms into a thick overdrive, providing depth to chorded playing while retaining the clarity needed to break through on solos.  Has True Bypass switching.

Walrus Audio also has this great video on the Voyager:

As you can see/hear, it’s a pretty tasty overdrive. This is your chance to win a Walrus Audio Voyager (available for $179). To enter, it’s simple, just fill out the form below.

I’m going to select one random entry on November 21st (Monday) . I will email that random entry asking for the answer to the question listed below. They will have 24 hours to respond with the answer. If the 24 hours passes, I will select a new random entry and repeat the process until I receive confirmation from the winner.  This is open to everyone. Yes, that means international! Also, one entry per person.  Please read that last sentence again… “one” “entry” “per” “person”. And when I say ‘everyone’, I mean anyone older than 18 (sorry minors). After the winner has been selected the Voyager will be shipped direct from Walrus Audio.

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So the question is…. “If you were going to start a effect pedal company, what would you name it? Let’s get creative!

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