May 9 2011

Shimmer Shootout – Strymon blueSky – Empress Superdelay – Verbzilla Octo

Shimmer Shootout - Strymon blueSky - Empress Superdelay - Line 6 Verbzilla OctoYesterday I posted about the Strymon blueSky Reverberator, and this morning I came across this interesting shimmer shootout, where tubescreamer (andrew stephen othling)  compared the Strymon blueSky, Empress Superdelay and Line 6 Verbzilla. This shootout was only comparing the “shimmer” effect where it almost sounds like there is a keyboard behind what you’re playing. Very atmospheric and something that could be used to create some pretty interesting sound-scapes.

I didn’t think this was a fair comparison with the Empress Superdelay. I mean the Empress is an amazing pedal, but I don’t think it was pulling off the shimmer like the Verbzilla or Strymon. I think a Eventide might have been good to fill that slot. Overall, I still think the Strymon came out on top between the three. What do you think? Let me know by posting a comment below.

Pedals featured in the video:

Strymon blueSky Reverberator
Empress Superdelay Vintage Modified
Line 6 Verbzilla Reverb


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3 Responses to “Shimmer Shootout – Strymon blueSky – Empress Superdelay – Verbzilla Octo”

  • Chris Says:

    The Strymon has a nice warmth to it, but there is something about the quality of Verbzilla’s octo effect that I like better. It would be cool to hear the two together – shimmer on steroids!

  • Jeff Says:

    I’m not sure when this shootout was done, but the Eventide Space would win by a pretty large margin. Not sure if it was available when this video was shot, though.

  • Matthew Says:

    The shimmer mode on the Strymon works better with the pre-delay set to zero. It’s good for clean over 50% mix and crazy for overdriven or fuzz under 50%. Great pedal. Haven’t heard much from the Eventide yet. Not crazy about any of the Line 6 products

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