Dec 23 2011

Pedal Line Friday – 12/23 – Cooper

Today’s pedal line is from Cooper. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 12/23 - Cooper Hello,

Here’s my submission for Pedal Line Friday!  It’s a bass board!  I’m just a regular bass playing, gear junkie who started a small bass blog this year to talk gear and help train the other bass players at church.

It’s a true bypass board with 12 bypass loops.  It has 2 bass inputs, 1 ouput, and a power outlet on the top right.  It’s wired with Lava cables solderless cable (about 60 feet of it!).

Here’s the chain: starting with a Radial ToneBone Bassbone: a preamp that I always keep on and it has 2 inputs that I can EQ differently.  It’s perfect for playing a regular bass and my electric upright on the same night.  Then into the MarkBass Compressore: a great, tube compressor that I also always keep on.  The tonebone plus the compressor gives me a really warm, big bass tone. Then into the JHS Bass Bomb Boost – great boost pedal that runs at 18v – tons of headroom. Then into the T1M Blend pedal that blends the wet/dry signal with the  Zvex Fuzz Factory and/or Pro Co Rat Distortion.  That blend helps you get a great fuzz and distortion sound without losing the low end of the signal.  I usually blend in about 30% of the dry sound with those pedals.  Then into Xotic X-Blender with the “Groucho” distortion (a modded Boss odb-3 that has no internal Boss parts anymore).  Same as the other blend, but this one’s on steroids.  It has a boost and an EQ to use while blending the wet/dry signal.  Then into  Crowther Prunes & Custard – nothing to say, but a great and weird pedal!.  Then into the  Line6 M5 – I bought this as the last pedal I’ll “need” to buy.  It has a ton of reverbs, delay, distortions, etc.  Then into the Boss Loop Station RC-3 – with this pedal I will trigger pre-recorded loops.  You can build loops in garageband, etc and save it from your computer to the pedal and trigger it live.  I can play a bassline over the loop – it’s awesome!  Then into Mid-Fi Clari(not) Envelope Vibrato Fuzz – the craziest, fuzz, tape delay envelope filter on the planet – just crazy sounds from this pedal.  Into a Ernie Ball Volume Pedal w/T1M buffer mod – I highly suggest getting the buffer mod (9v) installed if you use this pedal.  It made a huge difference on the signal strength and tone.  Into the  TC Electronic PolyTune – I love this new tuner, you just strum the strings together and it tells you which strings are out of tune.  Into the Electro-Harmonix Micro POG – gives you an octave up and down – I use it to get an awesome organ sounding tone.  Into the Electro-Harmonix Stereo Memory Man – a very versatile delay with tap tempo into another delay – Guyatone MD3 delay, I love this pedal for the “feedback” feature.  into the final pedal, the Plutoneium Chi-Wah-Wah.  This is the smallest wah-wah on the market, and it’s made just for bass.  It’s also “clickless”, so the wah is activated when you put pressure on the pedal.

Here’s a video link to the chain of the board:

Here’s a quick demo of some of the sounds:


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