Nov 12 2009

David Gilmour’s Pedal Board (let’s try this again)

Last week, I posted a video that I naively thought was David Gilmour’s pedal board. So, to make up for that, I thought I’d do some digging around this afternoon and find the real thing. This quest turned out to be pretty cool and learned a few things (especially more about Pete Cornish!).

At Harmony Central there was a post by Marc_G that showed David’s set up, which I’m showing below:


So, the ‘box’ got me curious. This is the custom pedal board by Pete Cornish, which he calls the Mk.2. Below is a photo of a Mk.2


I found this great interview with Pete Cornish where he goes into good detail. You can read the entire article here. I wanted to include a small excerpt from that interview showing what the pedals are in that particular board.

Pete Cornish Tube Buffer/ Demeter Compulator/ Send – Return #1 for additional effects if required/ Pete Cornish G-2/ Pete Cornish P-1/ 2 X BK Butler Tube Driver plus 2 X Pete Cornish Tube Buffer/ Send – Return  #2 for additional effects if required/ Boss GE-7/ Custom Volume Pedal insert/ Pete Cornish Tape Echo Simulator with Pete Cornish Tube Buffer/ MXR Digital Delay (Rack mount) with Pete Cornish Tube Buffer/ 2 X Outputs with Pete Cornish Tube Line Drivers. Send-Returns 1 and 3 have full range gain adjustments on the back panel so that any type of effects can be interfaced (pedal signal level or line level for rack units). Send-Return 2 is fixed gain at guitar level. One of the outputs connects to a rack mount Sound On Sound Interface.

If you’re interested in Pete Cornish and his pedal boards, please check out his web site.

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