Dec 27 2013

Pedal Line Friday – 12/27 – Darren Carless

Today’s pedal line is from Darren Carless. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedallineateffectsbaydotcom. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 12/27 - Darren CarlessHi All

I’ve been hooked on Effectsbay since I discovered it earlier this year.  My particular highlight of the site is seeing what everyone else is up to pedalboard wise so…here’s my pedalboard for inclusion in Pedal Line Friday or Wednesday.

I’ve been singing and playing guitar for 15 years or so in various bands covering a range of genres.  At the moment I’m involved in several projects but my rig remains the same (apart from pedalboard tinkering which is ongoing).

The board  itself is a Warwick Rockcase and is as solid as a rock.  Power comes from a Visual Sound One-Spot and is daisy chained around the board using the NS2 and / or TU2 as a booster (depending on the number of pedals).  All the cables are Van Damme with Neutrik connectors.

My main guitars are a Gibson Les Paul Std 2008 and Fender Highway One USA Telecaster into either a Blackstar HT Stage 60 or Orange CR35LDX.

The Board

Guitar – MXR Dyna Comp – Mooer Green Mile – EHX Double Muff – Boss NS 2 – Boss TU2 – Boss PH2 – Boss CE5 – Boss TR2 – EHX Memory Toy – Mooer Pure Boost – Amp

MXR Dyna Comp
This is a recent-ish addition to the board but has made such an impact that it’s always on.  I have the sensitivity set very low just so you know its there and makes a difference but doesn’t take over everything.

Mooer Green Mile
This is a Tube Screamer copy but its also so much more.  It comes with two settings ‘Warm’ and ‘Hot’. Set to Warm you get a nice overdriven sound but set to Hot the pedal becomes possessed and creates this massive sound.  If you’re considering purchasing a Tube Screamer or something similar you should check this out.

EHX Double Muff
For such a small outlay this pedal is amazing.  Two pedals in one; Single mode gives a nice overdrive sound and Double mode turns the pedal into a mini muff pedal with enough fuzz to satisfy anyone.

Boss TU2 Tuner
Does exactly what it says on the tin and hasn’t let me down yet.

Boss NS2 Noise Suppressor
I run this in the X set up (Guitar Out runs through pedal board & on to the amps FX loop return and the FX loop return runs to guitar input of the amp).   It’s always on and quietens down any unwanted hisses / buzzes etc without any problems.

Boss PH2 Super Phaser
This was the first pedal I ever bought and I still love it.  Doesn’t get used that often but it sounds so good when it kicks in…gives you everything from soft swirls to mind-boggling whirly-ness.

Boss CE5 Chorus Ensemble
Again had this pedal for a very long time and it still does the business.

Boss TR2 Tremolo
Does what it says on the tin and to a very high quality.

EHX Memory Toy
Another EHX marvel.  Fantastic analogue delay that lives up to its heritage.  You also get a nice optional chorus via the toggle switch…just wish it was foot-controllable.

Mooer Pure Boost
I wanted a boost pedal that would do just that and not alter my sound after I’ve put so much work into it.  This pedal delivers up to 20db of clean boost to do just that but crank the gain on it and it will quite happily act as an additional overdrive channel.

Keep up the good work Effectsbay.

Darren Carless
United Kingdom

Dec 23 2013

Pedalboard Break Down – Matt Pike – High On Fire

It was a few years ago, but I had a chance to High On Fire here in my home town watch Matt Pike do what he does best. Jimmy, who does the demos here, his band opened and it was a night of “heavy” in your face. Matt Pike is obviously the real deal!

I remember at that time, he basically had one or two pedals at the most. I was very interested after seeing Dunlop posting a photo from Instagram showing Matt Pike’s current set up – lot more pedals in play now! If you’re not familiar with High On Fire, and you like music on the heavy side, you need to check these guys out!

Pedalboard Break Down - Matt Pike - High on Fire

Here is a break down of Matt Pike’s pedalboard!

Bogner Ecstasy Red Distortion
MXR M169 Carbon Copy Delay
Black Arts Toneworks Oath
MXR EVH90 Phase 90
Boss TU-3 Tuner
MXR CSP202 Custom Comp Compressor
MXR KFK-1 Kerry King 10 Band EQ
MXR MC406 CAE Buffer
MXR M132 Supercomp
MXR M135 Smart Gate
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+

Please let me know if you see anything missing, of if anything is incorrect by commenting below! Also, let me know what you think about High On Fire and Matt Pike! Love to hear what you think!!

Dec 21 2013

Nice Deal on the MXR MC404 CAE Dual Inductor Wah

Nice Deal on the MXR MC404 CAE Dual Inductor WahA few years ago, I was on a heavy wah discovery kick. I was able to play with various wah pedals from Fulltone Clydes, to Teese to CryBaby, etc. On my short list that I wanted to mess around with, but didn’t have the opportunity was the MXR MC404 CAE Dual Inductor Wah. I’ve seen this wah on a few pro pedalboards. CAE or Custom Audio Electronics (Bob Bradshaw) makes amazing stuff, and it’s great that they team up with MXR on a few pieces.

The inductors are quiet important for the various wah tones. This wah has dual fasel inductors with two different voicings that are selectable! Additionally, there is a built in MXR MC-401 Boost/Line Driver that is selectable as well! One of the first mods that people do on the classic Dunlop GCB-95 wah is to make it true bypass. The MC404 is true bypass out of the box!

Check out this video which explains the MXR MC404 CAE Dual Inductor Wah very nicely:

Ok, about the deal. The MXR MC404 CAE Dual Inductor Wah lists for $298.68 and is usually available for $170, but is currently on sale for a great price of $140 at That’s $30 off the going rate.. and the pedal ships for FREE!

Nov 23 2013

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Sale

MXR M169 Carbon Copy SaleLast month, when there was another MXR Carbon Copy sale, I finally purchased one for myself. I’ve recommended this pedal for years, and know various guitarists that use this pedal. Over the years, I’ve seen MANY of these on Pedal Line Friday submissions. I’ve mentioned this in the past, but I get irritated with delays that are too complicated or have too many factors to set the delay sounds I’m going for. I’m a big fan of easy settings that can be manipulated on the fly, and I’ve been messing around with various analog type (not necessarily an analog circuit) over the last few years. I’ve had some great delays on my board (T-Rex Replica, Red Witch Titan, Empress Super Delay, etc). They all sounded amazing and I would highly recommend those, but I wanted something simple (with a smaller footprint) and I thought I would finally pick up a MXR M169 Carbon Copy for myself.

Frankly, this delay is exactly what I’m looking for. Simple controls – Regen (similar to feedback), Mix and Delay. There is also a modulation button, but as of now, I’m not a fan of that (BUT, I know there are trim pots to adjust this, and I should play around with this). The modulation (stock) is little more pronounced that I would like, so adjusting depth via internal trim should help with that.

OK.. enough about me. Let’s talk about this deal. The MXR M169 Carbon Copy Delay lists for $254.61. You can usually get this pedal for $150, but it’s currently on sale for only $103.67 at!!!! That’s $46 off.. great right?? This pedal also ships for free.

Here is the official product video for the MXR Carbon Copy:

Again, the MXR M169 Carbon Copy Delay is on sale for only $103.67 at At the time of this posting there were 14 units in stock. Sometimes, with the stock count goes down, the price jumps up, so if that deal is available, and you’re interested.. I would jump on it.


Nov 18 2013

Good deal on the MXR M116 Fullbore

Good deal on the MXR M116 FullboreIf you’re a guitarist looking for a tight distortion, the MXR M116 Fullbore Metal pedal might be exactly what you’re looking for. This pedal allows you to really dial in your tone with high, mid, low controls (having the ability to control the mid-frequency can be extremely useful for getting your guitar to be present in the mix). Additional controls are volume, frequency, gain as well as scoop and gate switches. Gate will controls the built in noise gate for this pedal.

The MXR M116 Fullbore Metal lists for $169.99 and is usually available for $100, but is currently on sale for only $88.59 at This pedal also ships for free. At the time of this posting there were 18 units in stock. The price may rise as the unit count drops.

Here is the official video for the MXR M116 Fullbore Metal Distortion:

Again, the MXR M116 Fullbore Metal Distortion is on sale for only $88.59 at!

Nov 9 2013

Good Deal on the MXR M234 Analog Chorus

Good Deal on the MXR M234 Analog ChorusIf you’re looking for a quality chorus, this might the ticket. I’ve been seeing a few boards with these on there lately. I recently watched a Eighteen Eyes (from Seattle) performance and noticed that Jamie Aaron was using one. If you haven’t checked out Eighteen Eyes.. you might want to. Good stuff.

The MXR M234 Analog Chorus has the standard level, rate and depth controls that you would expect on a chorus, but they also have a low and high controls where you cut some of those frequencies. I think this is very useful to dial in the swirl with out being too piercing or rumbly on the big sweeps.

Here is the official description by MXR/Dunop:

This all-analog pedal uses bucket-brigade circuitry to create classically lush, liquid textures that you just can’t get with digital circuitry. Rate, Level, and Depth controls, as well as knobs for cutting High and Low frequencies allow ultimate tone control. Like all MXR pedals, the M-234 comes in a heavy-duty housing with durable jacks and switches for a lifetime on the road.

I found this great video by musictoyznetwork:

The MXR M234 Analog Chorus lists for $170.61, and is usually available for $100, but is currently on sale for only for $79.38 at and ships for free. That’s $20.62 off of the going rate. Not too shabby!

Oct 30 2013

Smoking Deal on MXR Micro Amp

Smoking Deal on MXR Micro AmpToday I came across a nice deal. It’s on the MXR M-133 Micro Amp. I personally own one of these pedals for myself and seen appear on various board configurations. This is a simple pedal that does one thing, and it does it well.. boost your signal. Perfect for boosting quiet guitars, boosting for leads, overdriving preamp sections of amps or driving pedals. One knob. One switch and one LED. Simple.

Here is the official product video by jimdunlopusa:

The MXR M-133 Micro Amp lists for $136.23 and is usually available for $80, but is currently on sale for only $49.99 at That’s $30 off the going rate. The pedal also ships for free!  At the time of this post, there were only 6 units available. Usually when the count drops to 1 or 2, the price will jump back up, so get on this if you’re looking for a pedal to boost your signal.  Again, the MXR M-133 Micro Amp is on sale for only $49.99 at!


Oct 28 2013

Audley Freed – Pedalboard Break Down

Probably around 1998 or so, Jimmy (who does the demos here on the site) introduced me to some Audley Freed. I remember Jimmy was trying to dissect an Audley lick and was explaining to me what was happening in there. I was impressed. Audley is a very interesting musician (musically). The music is not my preferred style, but I definitely can appreciate it. What I really like, is that he has a distinct style and is genuinely interested in putting his mark and style with his playing. Make the lick your own versus just rehashing the same lick everyone else is playing. That’s cool. I haven’t thought about Audley Freed in a long time, but when I saw Mojo Hand post a photo this morning.

Audley Freed – Pedalboard Break DownI like this board. Simple. All about tone. I was surprised to not see a wah, but it might not be pictured.

Here is a break down of pedals for Audley Freed’s board:

Mojo Hand FX Rook Royale
Xotic RC Booster
Strymon El Capistan
MXR Custom Comp
Boss TU-2 Tuner

Here is a cool video where Audley talks about guitar. The series is pretty cool:

Let me know what you think about this board and/or Audley Freed by commenting below!

Oct 25 2013

Pedal Line Friday – 10/25 – Michael Wolf

Today’s pedal line is from Michael Wolf. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedallineateffectsbaydotcom. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday – 10/25 – Michael WolfHello! I’m “Misisipi Mike Wolf”, a singer/songwriter and outlaw/honky tonk band leader originally from Mississippi but currently based in Northern California. I average around 170 live shows a year, about half of those being showcase gigs with mostly original material and the other half being multi-set bar band gigs (lots of ’60′s Bakersfield and 70′s Outlaw stuff).  I need my board to have the typical color palate for that genre and also I need it to be compact enough to fit on postage stamp size stages as well as light enough to carry with an amp and guitar in one trip from the vehicle.  Oh, and as a full time working musician I am on a tight budget, so I am always looking for maximum bang for the buck.

My music can be found on ITunes and cdbaby ( and can be heard on many popular tv programs like “True Blood” & “Justified”.

My current “A” guitar is a late nineties butterscotch Fender Telesonic). All pedals powered by a 1Spot with a 8 plug chain.  I am sponsored by Monster Cable so I use their leads to and from the board.

BOSS TU-3 – Perhaps the only pedal on the board I actually know how to use properly!

MXR Dyna Comp (Monte Allums mod) – Not a useable pedal before the mod, but it is quite nice after the Monte Allums upgrades. The super squash of the stock is tamed, it’s about fifty percent quieter, and most importantly is that it no longer colors or dulls the tone. Basically like a boutique comp for under $100. Also pictured is a CS-3 that was modded by Brian Wampler in 2003. I rotate the two depending on my mood. The CS-3 is much more Nashville squishy and still a little noisy, but has bell like sparkle. Wish list is the Wampler Ego, but that has to wait.

MXR Phase 45 Script reissue  - A must for a seventies country board. The Phase 90 was a bit too dramatic for my tastes so I’m giving this one a whirl. Yeah, it does add a bit of distortion at high volumes, but it does the job for the Waylon stuff.

BOSS GE-7 EQ (Garmopatmod) – I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t have an eq pedal on their board. It gives one so many tone options at their feet. I can make adjustments on the fly without walking back and forth to the amp, I can quickly adjust for a different guitar if I need to, and the GE-7 has advantage of the level control so you can secretly crank up your volume without the drummer and the bass player knowing.

Durham Sex Drive – Very transparent clean boost with some subtle compression options and just a hint of dirt if you want it. I play CLEAN. Maybe too clean, but I just dig that Roy Nichols clean tone. I play a lot of smaller rooms that don’t allow me to crank the amp, but this pedal can push the tubes just right without any coloration. It is by far the spendiest board on the pedal but it is worth it.

BOSS TR-2 Tremolo (Analogman mod) – The volume drop problem is solved. Maybe the tone is better than stock, I haven’t a/b’d it, but the volume issue concern is certainly solved. A little cheaper than the Keeley mod and well worth it if you are looking for a decent trem for under $150.

TC Electronics Flashback Delay – I had the Line 6 DL4 and loved it, but it took up too much real estate and required its own power supply which can be tricky in some of the hole in the walls that earn my living in. The Flashback offers almost as many delay options and I think a good argument can be made that they are generally a little truer than the DL4. I’d like to be able to switch delays mid song, but I can live with not having that option. Plus the Toneprint downloads are value adds that are fun to play around with at home.

The board itself is a cheap piece of plywood with duct tape edges that I haul around inside a medium Fed Ex shipping box strengthened with, yep, more duct tape. It has served me well,  costs about $5 and doesn’t look very desirable to backstage thieves (knock on plywood).

Oct 25 2013

Pedal Line Friday – 10/25 – Haraldur

Today’s pedal line is from Haraldur. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedallineateffectsbaydotcom. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday – 10/25 – HaraldurGreetings.
I’m kind of new to the site, but really like it, so I thought I’d send something in.

My pedalboard is seeing sadly little use these days though, seeing as I just moved towns and therefor dropped out of all bands and projects.  When playing, I was in several bands, and very versatile ones, which demanded a lot of options from the gear.

I present; my pride and joy:

The line goes from guitar to:

Vox Wah 847
Needs no explanation.  The classic, always sounds good.

ModTone Minimod Booster
A tiny, non-expensive volume booster that gets the job done.  Very clean, can barely be used to drive amps into overdrive except at maximum settings.

T.C. Electronic Polytune
Do I need to explain why?  Excellent tuner, whether one should use it chromatic or polyphonic, and it automatically adjusts the brightness of the display.  Brilliant feature.

MXR Noise Clamp
Great for the dirt pedals, quick and quiet function, set it right and you can play with the feedback as much as you want to before it cuts you off at just the right time.

Joyo Vintage Overdrive
From just a little boost to gritty blues, this thing is worth the price three times over.  Also very nice when used to kick the higher gain pedals a little further.  One of the best value objects money can buy.

Joyo Ultimate Drive
Seriously fat and thick, and holds a lot of gain.  This thing packs a punch you wouldn’t expect for such a tiny amount of money.  Also surprisingly quiet without noise reducer pedals or anything of the kind, it barely buzzes when on, even with gain maxed.

Zvex Distortron
Possibly the most versatile dirt pedal this guitarist has tried.  From fat and over-saturated blues tones to nasty leads, and just a tiny hint of fuzz when cranked.

Mooer Blade
This pedal is as brutal sounding as it is tiny.  With possible high frequency boosts, it can create tones that give the term “mid-scoop” a new meaning.  Paired with the vintage overdrive you get a lead tone worthy of heroes.

From here the signal goes back to the noise clamp, and from there:

Rockman volume pedal
Andcient thing, but solid and trustworthy.  Active and very transparent.

From here the signal goes to the amp.

Effects loop:

Boss GE-7
It’s always on.  It just is, and I never worry about it.  Set and forget, because it makes me sound better.

Boss PH-3
One of my favorite pieces of gear, from slight swirls to extreme spaced-out madness, and a handy foot control with it gives control similar to a rotary speaker pedal, and also lets me freeze the tone in the middle of a phase wave.

Roland EV-5
To control the speed of the phaser. Goes from frozen tone to madness with the movement of an ankle.  Only flaw is plastic construction.

DeltaLabs Stereo Chorus
A steal rather than a bargain.  Very smooth and full chorus, goes from overbearing to background swirls and anything in between.  Also has a blue led that blinks with the set tempo.

T.C. Electronic Flashback X4
Strapped down with a cord that can be released, to raise it up and plug it in stereo, all other pedals are held down with cable ties. This pedal is the pride and joy because it turns anything into anything else, makes you play differently and try things and make sounds you never did before, and all the time you love it.  A great pedal for any needs of echo.

Also seen in the picture:
-Footswitch for amplifier in top right corner.
-Empty corner beside the phaser in top left corner, holds a box with earplugs.

All the pedals are on a diamond pattern aluminium plate, that has been drilled and filed out to fit pedals and cables (took me some time).  And no, I will not show the flood of cables beneath it.

This is all run on two power supplies from Pyle Pro Audio, except the Flashback X4, which comes with it’s own adapter, but a three-outlet powerstrip is also under there, so only one wall outlet is needed.

This is all fit inside the bottom of a flight case, so rigging up is a breeze.

Main inspirations for playing come from all directions.  From Slash to John Petrucci to the heaviest of death metal to the softest of playing similar to the Edge’s ambient delay tones.

I would post some band info here, but as I said I just moved, so I have nothing to post :(

My pedalboard handles anything I want to do, so my need for buying pedal has been eliminated :)

Hope you enjoyed the read,