May 16 2014

Pedal Line Friday – 5/16 – Greyum May

Today’s pedal line is from Greyum May. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedallineateffectsbaydotcom. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 5/16 - Greyum MayHere is my current board/FX rig. (Just about to re-wire it all up again)

This is for my Bass, trumpet and Synth. The trumpet has a Yamaha Silent Brass electronic mute which plus into the signal chain nicely.

Before they are all sent (via my mixing desk) to one of the 4 decks on my Native Instruments Traktor4 and F1 Remix pads.

The Traktor itself is used for its massive array of FX!  Really good fun.  It is now my main live looper. (foot switchable)

The floor board Has Pigtronix Keymaster and Expression pedals to control the four Pigtronix pedals on the rack shelf.

There is also a rather tasty Carl Martin Bass Chorus on the side there. This is usually set up with one of the AUX’s on my main mixing desk. It is sat next to an Ipad running Sugar Bytes Turnado FX! (Really naughty piece of software!)

Next week, Native Instruments Maschine gets added for fun.
(As well as a rather crazy Electro Harmonix Ravish Sitar/Supergo/Hog  FX loop for the trumpet!)

The Tasty Synth is a lovely old WASP!  and the Bass amp is an Eden Navigator.  (Novation synth out of shot)

The full list of actual stomp boxes is.

Pigtronix Expression Pedal
TC Electronics Polytune
Pigtronix Bass Compressor
Pigtronix Warhog
Digitech Whammy Wah
Eden Top Secret Pedal
Eden I-90 BassChorus
Eden Navigator Footswitch
Boss FS5U (out of shot)
Pigtronix Disnortion
Pigtronix Tremvelope
Pigtronix Philosopher king
Pigtonix Mothership
Carl Martin Bass Chorus

May 12 2014

Pedal Board Breakdown – Chevelle

Chevelle is a great three piece band from the Chicago area. With very thick and textured / heavy guitar. They’re fans of alternate tunings, etc. with very good vocal melodies. They remind me a lot of Tool meets Russian Circles, but definitely carving their own path. They have to be one of the heaviest three pieces out there for sure. I was super excited to see that Premier Guitar doing a Rig Rundown on Pete Loeffler (guitarist) and Dean Bernardini (bass). I say it every time… you need to follow Premier Guitar on YouTube. Fantastic!

Here are the breakdown on pedals –

Pete Loeffler

Pedal Board Breakdown - Chevelle Pete Loeffler
Mesa Boogie A/B footswitch
Tech 21 SansAmp GT2
Boss GE-7 Equalizer
MXR Phase 90
Boss TR-2 Tremolo
Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Nano Reverb
Peterson Strobostomp II Tuner
Dunlop GCB95 Wah
Guitar Laboratory True Bypass Wah-Pad

Dean Bernardini

Pedal Board Breakdown - Chevelle Dean BernardiniMesa Boogie Big Block Channel Switcher
Perterson VSS-C Tuner
DigiTech Bass Driver
Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI
Boss GE-7 Equalizer
Boss RV-5 Reverb
Boss DD-7 Delay

If you see anything incorrect, let me know. Also, let me know what you think of Chevelle by commenting below!

Apr 4 2014

Pedal Line Friday – 4/4 – Brandon Highfill

Today’s pedal line is from Brandon Highfill. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedallineateffectsbaydotcom. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 4/4 - Brandon HighfillHello!
This is my third pedal line Friday and the board has changed! (big surprise right?)  you can hear this rig in action at

Here’s the chain :
Guitar into -> Dunlop high gain volume pedal -> boss cs2 (Japan) -> xotic AC booster -> Devi Ever Shoegazer -> way huge swollen pickle -> MXR blue box script with c11 mod -> boss ge7 -> ibanez de7 -> eventide pitchfactor -> eventide modfactor -> eventide timefactor -> eventide space -> Digitech jamman

Starting at the pitchfactor, every pedal is run in stereo and stereo out of the jamman into :
Roland JC 120
Hiwatt Hi-gain 50

Also pictured:
Effect selector for Roland JC 120
Expression pedals for eventide boxes
Aux switch for time factor

Guitars :
Rickenbacker 330
Fender blacktop Jazzmaster
AXL jazzmaster

Mar 18 2014

Nice deal on the MXR Custom Badass ’78 Distortion

Nice deal on the MXR Custom Badass '78 DistortionThis morning I came across nice little deal. It’s not great.. but nice. If you were looking for a good dirt box and wanted to save a couple of bucks, this might be a great catch. The deal I found was for the MXR Custom Badass ’78 Distortion pedal. The pedal is about getting the ‘stack’ tone with some nice crunch. Simple layout with Output, Tone, Distortion and Crunch button. Crunch is designed to boost harmonics.

Here is the official demo video by jimdunlopusa

The MXR Custom Badass ’78 Distortion lists for $136.23 and usually available for $80, but is currently on sale for only $68.63 at and ships for Free. That’s $12 off the going rate.. not too bad at all!


Mar 14 2014

Pedal Line Friday – 3/14 – Andrew J. Clark

Today’s pedal line is from Andrew J. Clark. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedallineateffectsbaydotcom. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 3/14 - Andrew J. ClarkHello,

This is my current set up I am using while playing in my band, Bow Tie Affair (we are a cover band in Kansas City). I primarily use a Gibson Les Paul running into a Vox AC30C2. I also use a Gretsch 5422 and Fender American Strat from time to time.

Signal Path:
Guitar > TC Electronics PolyTune, Dunlop Crybaby Wah, MXR Phase 90, Fulltone OctaFuzz, Maxon OD9, ProCo Rat ’85 Reissue, ISP Decimator > Amp
FX Loop > Joyo 6 Band Equalizer, Boss TR-2 Tremolo, MXR Analog Chorus, TC Electronic Flashback, EHX Holy Grail Reverb Nano

The path between the guitar and amp is pretty basic. I like to place my phaser before my dirt pedals, and I like to place my overdrive before my distortion. I find my modulation pedals sound better in my AC30C2’s loop. Being in a cover band, I’m often playing clean, but I like to stack my modulation pedals together to get some cool, trippy sounds that add some flavor to the song.

PolyTune – I like being able to strum all the strings at once to see where I need to tune up. When playing at a bar, the owners and staff like you to keep things moving, especially when the crowd is dancing. The PolyTune helps me tune up quickly.

Crybaby – I don’t use the wah very often, just occasionally for some funky tunes we play like Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”

Phase 90 – I like to keep the knob around 8:00 for a subtle, slow-moving phase. Just to add a little flavor to my cleans or leads.

OctaFuzz – I recently got this and am still trying to figure out how to best use the Octave Up switch. The pedal allows you to switch between an octave up fuzz or just a normal fuzz. I’ve been using just the normal fuzz right now. I’m not a big fuzz player, but I’m hoping I can get this pedal down to do some cool Hendrix-style soloing.

OD-9 – A lot of our songs call for a light OD, just a little crisp, and the Maxon does this well. It also can give the Rat a nice push.

Rat – Primarily used for solos and crunchy rhythm tones that might require some palm muting. I like a sense of dynamics in our songs – mellow, clean verses and loud chorus. Stomping on the rat and striking the chords hard gives me what I’m looking for.

Decimator – A must-have with the Rat. I usually just leave it on unless the song lacks any distorted parts. It also comes in handy when I’m playing with my Gretsch hollow-body, which produces some intense feedback.

EQ – I use this in my loop as my solo boost. Gives me an increase in volume and lets me tweak my lead tone a bit (for example, I like to boost my mids instead of highs so my AC30 isn’t too piercing).

Tremolo – I rarely use this pedal… I like to turn the knobs up all the way and produce an echoing, choppy sound. Sounds cool when strumming a chord with some distortion.

Chorus – I try to dial this in for a subtle setting… I like to pair it with my delay and phaser when producing some atmospheric tones.

Delay – I’m a huge delay fan. I love using a subtle delay on my solos as well as my clean picking. The flashback has a lot of cool settings available with the turn of a knob and sounds great!

Reverb – I use a little reverb via my amp already, so I use the Holy Grail for more over-the-top reverb tones.

There you have it! Nothing too crazy, but I get a lot of cool tones by stacking a lot of these together and it provides pretty much any tone you would want in a cover band.


Andrew J. Clark

Mar 7 2014

Pedal Line Friday – 3/7 – Adam Parkes

Today’s pedal line is from Adam Parkes. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedallineateffectsbaydotcom. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 3/7 - Adam ParkesI am a complete pedal geek (as you can tell) I have been playing for 18yrs I have gone through a lot of different pedalboard sizes as my collection has grown. And I’m always on the look out for new pedals.

I play in a funk rock band called Mezzotonic. Think chili peppers, Ratm and jamiroquai and you get the idea.

My board is set up to make things as easy as possible to turn pedals on and off, and certain pedals are placed in a where I haven’t got to stretch to opposite ends of the board. The pedals on the top row are all on pedal risers, so I don’t catch the pedals on the front row.

The pedalboard is from a company called Diago. The power supply and the pedal risers are also from diago.

Direct line: guitar to amp.
1: boss TU tuner. Standard tuner never let me down.

2: Cry baby wah wah, I love my wah I’ve had this wah from the age of 16 and is the first pedal I ever purchased.

3: Marshall ED1 compressor. This is always on and I love what it does to my tone, it pumps up the sound a little and adds a slight warmth. It’s set with quite fast attack but with a light compression so I can keep dynamics of my playing.

4: CAE Line Driver/boost. This is also a leave on. I use this to boost (buffer) my guitar signal through my pedalboard,
To combat high end loss I get from running through all the my effects pedals, cables etc

5: MXR modified OD. Believe it or not, this is my first overdrive pedal and infact I never thought I had a use for one. That is, until I got one. It’s such a great pedal plus it has 100hz control knob so you can cut and boost at that frequency as you desire.

6: MXR 78 modified distortion. I have never been able to dial a good hi gain sound out of any amp I’ve ever had. But this pedal makes up for it does all sorts of tones from 70s classic rock right up to nu metal. Plus it has little push button that adds a ton of harmonic overtones.

7: boss line selector. There are many uses for this pedal, I use it to link in the top row of my effects and the whammy to the front end of my amp. It has an adjustable volume control on each loop. That loop then gets sent back to the outout of the  pedal.

8: MXR micro amp. Just a good old clean boost. I use it for boosting my solos. This then goes straight in to the front of the amp.

Boss line selector loop.
Marshall chorus pedal. Does great slow swampy chorus to fast vibrato.

Boss phase shifter. Man I love this pedal. First heard it on gorilla radio by RATM, ever since then I had to have one. Superb pedal.

Boss flanger. Not much to say on this one don’t use it all that often 30 seconds here and there or for and intro on the odd song.

Boss tremolo. I mainly use it on arpeggio style intros, or on slow open chord sequences.

Moogerfooger ring modulator. This is by far one of the most difficult pedals I’ve used it can do really interesting stuff though. But you have to work hard to get things sounding good and not to crazy. I have it set to do a more lumpy sounding trem type sound for live performances. Then get a bit more creative with it in the studio.

Last in the loop is the Digitech whammy pedal. To me this one of the best pedals I own I’ve had it for about thirteen years and to me every  guitarist should at least try one.

Amp effects loop

Strymon timeline. This is the best pedal I own. It’s not only one of the best delay pedals I’ve ever heard but it’s a complete inspiration box. I also have the ernie ball volume pedal which I use as an expression pedal for the timeline. I use a split trs cable ( stereo one end, that then splits to two mono ends) I plug the mono ends into the input and output of the volume pedal then the stereo end into the exp insert on the back of the time line. I can then blend the delay in and out as I see fit, per patch.

Check out my band “mezzotonic”
We also have an iPhone and android app.
You can also check out my videos on YouTube here


Feb 28 2014

Pedal Line Friday – 2/28 – Kern Ramsdell

Today’s pedal line is from Kern Ramsdell. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedallineateffectsbaydotcom. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 2/28 - Kern Ramsdell
My name is Kern Ramsdell. After learning to play the guitar, I joined my friends and played in a small town cover band. After hurting my back, I learned about recording and mixing. Now, I write songs and spend my days recording and mixing them. I am a guitar player that has learned to get by on keys, drums, and bass. Here is my guitar pedal board…

This is my version of what a pedal board should be. The actual pedal board is a “Holey Board” by Chemistry Design Werks. I love the speed and ease of use that comes from the use of zip ties. So much better then using Velcro to hold down the pedals. I plug my 1980’s era Fender Lead2 into these pedals, and then into a VHT Special 6 Ultra combo amp, and on the “Clean” input. My pedals supply all of the dirt.

A MXR DC Brick supplies power to all of the pedals. It is hidden under the upper deck of the HoleyBoard.

The pedals on the lower deck are in series, or are “before the amp”. They are:

Behringer Chromatic Tuner TU100. A simple cheap tuner. Works as an “on and off switch too”.

MXR Phase 90. What more can I say about this pedal? I love EVH and Trey Anastasio (Phish) types tones, and they both use these great sounding pedals. A real no brainer!

Lightning Boy Audio, An honest, hand wired, made one at a time (and with a real tube) overdrive pedal. This pedal gives me a real chime that I adore. It will give some growl, too, but I use it (mostly) as a simple boost in tone and volume.

Boss DS-1 distortion. This is the most bang for the buck distortion pedal there is. This one is un-modded because it just sounds so good as it is. I use this for distortion duties, along with the Lightning Boy Audio pedal. Sounds like butter with them both in use.

Parallel FX loop, from the amp, and on the “upper deck” of the HoleyBoard.

VHT MeloVerb. I really like this pedal a lot. The Tremolo side is the real attention grabber here, but the reverb is nice too. This is a great “two for one” pedal, and I like how it has two independent switches for each effect. It is a well made, great sounding trem/verb unit.

MXR Carbon Copy. I love messing with the knobs on this pedal. I like a dark delay, and this lets me get real dark sounding. These delay pedals are famous for a reason. Built like a tank too!

DOD Flanger. This pedal was too much of a “score” for me to pass up. I only paid 15 dollars for this little gem, and it still puts a smile on my face each time I use it. I had some DOD pedals when I first was learning how to play, and one just like this one was in that small collection I had.

TC Electronic Ditto Looper. I just purchased this pedal. I like to use short to medium loops to help “flush out” ideas and to write whole parts of songs. I have been using the Jam Up Pro app, on my iPhone, for these duties but I will now be using The Ditto Looper pedal. I like how small it is and how powerful of a concept it is. Besides, it is so easy to learn how to use. Plus, if you play out live, it could come in very handy. You could supply a backing loop to solo over as your band mate changes a broken string.

Thanks so much, and I hope you enjoyed hearing about my effects pedal chain!


Pedal Line Friday - 2/28 - Kern Ramsdell
Some time ago, I sent you my modest “recording” pedalboard. I have attached an image of the new, completed line up. I have since “completed my dream board” with a vintage pedal that I never thought I could find for under 500 dollars. The Ross compressor pedal! I grabbed one from EBay for 120.00! A steal if you ask me, because these are awesome compressor/sustainers. Trey Anastasio of Phish uses them, hence the hefty price tag on these
oldies. Thanks for the great website, and all the hard work that you do!

Kern Ramsdell,
Home Recording Weekly

Feb 14 2014

Pedal Line Friday – 2/14 – Fabio Conversano

Today’s pedal line is from Fabio Conversano. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedallineateffectsbaydotcom. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 2/14 - Fabio ConversanoHere’s my pedalboard. Nothing fancy whatsoever but for me it has what’s necessary for the fuzzed out tones, overdrives and modulation effects used on my band Chalana’s self titled record (Stoner Rock/Metal from South America).

You can listen to the record it on its entirety on the bands Soundcloud or you can download the whole album for free here:

This pedals and some vst effects are what i used on the record. Heres what you see:

Dunlop Cry Baby Wah
Digitech Synth Wah
MXR Distortion III
Boss DS2 Turbo Distortion
EHX Little Big Muff
Boss TU-2 Tuner
Boss CH1 Super Chorus
MXR Phase 90
Boss GE7 Equalizer
Digitech Digidelay

That’s it. Thanks a lot for sharing this info. Hope you like the tunes.

Jan 31 2014

Pedal Line Friday – 1/31 – Robin Foster

Today’s pedal line is from Robin Foster. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedallineateffectsbaydotcom. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 1/31 - Robin FosterAs promised here is my current (as in more or less stable but no doubt will change) set-up. A few things change here and there as it depends on if I’m playing an instrumental set or if I’m playing with the wonderful singer that is Dave Pen.

So here goes:
Various guitars, mostly old 90’s Epiphone Rivieras / Sheraton or one of my Jazzmasters (japanese and chinese, yes a chinese Fender Jazzmaster that plays like a dream!). ..I’m no purist when it comes to gear, my favourite guitars are often the cheaper ones for some reason, though there are a few upgrades and I must mention a big-up to the marvelous Curtis Novak who does me ridiculously great deals on his pick-ups which are in most of my guitars. into:

Biyang Compress X : I got this as a back up for my MXR Dyna comp but this is twice the pedal the MXR was so it rightfully took it’s place. It’s a great soft compressor, very quiet and subtle, unbelievable bargain. I leave it on most of the time.

Ernie Ball Volume pedal

Tc mini Polytune : nice little tuner that tunes and is little and nice

Boss MO-2 multi overtone : this replaced my micro pog, it’s not quite the same but I actually prefer it now, it’s a quirky little pedal great for organ sounds or beefing up a fuzz/disto

EHX Glove : Haven’t had this long but it’s an instant hit for me. I think it has so much range for an OD, I had an OCD and Kalamazoo in this board spot for a few years and the Glove can do both those tones and more, really versatile little pedal.

Zvex Box Of Rock : I got this after touring Germany supporting Archive last year , their guitarist Mike put me on to it. I leave the boost on all the time for the colour it gives, basically a super hard on, the drive side is set for low gain, sounds perfect for me into a clean fender.

Moog MF Drive : Still getting used to this one, it’s almost too versatile, quite hard to dial in the sweet spot, but it can cover more ground than most distortion/fuzz pedals once you get used to it. It’s very cool for old beaten amp sounds, cocked wah and monster fuzz… Hopefully I’ll bond more with it.

MXR Micro Amp : Had this for donkeys years, always use it for recording and live for adding extra girth, yes girth, to the overall sound when needed.

Boss DD-20 : had this on my board for more than a decade, built like a tank, reliable workhorse… I use this live on everything. It’s an absolute must for me. I love the warp and reverse settings on this pedal, great for filling the void.

EHX Freeze : 3rd one I’ve had, great pedal but doesn’t like the PP2+

Strymon El Capistan : I just love this thing, it’s all over the last soundtrack I did.

Strymon Flint : great two in one pedal, use the stereo out into two amps.

Boss RC-2 : I use this as a sampler, it’s full of quirky little soundbites from films and there’s a couple of guitar loops on there too for good measure.

– Not shown but worthy of much love is an Orion Effekt “Motor Fuzz”. My live guitarist Gaetan and I got these from Orion Effekts in Germany after trying them on our last tour. My only true fuzz, use it a lot for recording. I also use a Boss Slicer for soundtracks, great with any instrument.

I used to hook all these up with a long daisy chained one-spot and a couple of single adaptors but when we were on tour with Archive their guitar tech JP looked at my board shaking his lovely French head in disgrace so I immediately buckled to peer pressure and got a PP2+ ( but the one-spot is still there). All this usually goes into an 1968 Ampeg Gemini 15 and a heavily (heavy handed) modded Fender Blues Deluxe.

My son is on the board to give me extra super human powers during concerts.

Thanks for listening :)
Hank – Robin.. you guys sound great! For those interested, check out the video below:

Jan 29 2014

Looking for a nice deal on a MXR Phase 90?

Looking for a nice deal on a MXR Phase 90?I’ve posted this a few times in the past, and when they happen, I’ll continue to repost. Currently, there is a nice deal on the MXR Phase 90 on Amazon. If you’re looking for a classic simple phaser for your board, it’s hard to beat the MXR Phase 90! This morning, I was pleased to this great deal. At the time of this posting, you can pick up a MXR Phase 90 which lists for $150 and is usually available for $80, but is currently on sale for only $67.08 which also includes FREE shipping!

Not familiar with the MXR Phase 90? Check out this official product video by jimdunlopusa:

Again, the MXR M-101 Phase 90 is on sale for only $67.08 on!