Jul 14 2014

Pedal Projects Owly Booster Give Away


I’m pretty excited about this give away!  I love showcasing builders, and I recently had an interview with Ásgeir of Pedal Projects located in the awesome country of Iceland! You can read the full interview here – “Talking with Ásgeir Helgi Þrastarson of Pedal Projects“. When I first started doing some research about Pedal Projects, the first thing that impressed me.. the circuit boards. You usually don’t get to appreciate the boards, but when you seen and awesome board, those details speak to me. Instead of just slapping something together, there is attention to detail found. This attention to detail results in great tone, great style, great construction, great service, etc. The small things, add up!

Pedal Projects Owly Booster Give AwayI was very stoked when Ásgeir sent over an Owly Booster to give away to a lucky EffectsBay reader, so let’s talk about the Owly! The Owly (v2) is a MOSFET (metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor) booster in a tiny enclosure. The Owly is great for boosting signal or to drive pedals, etc. Simple concept. One knob… set it to your preference and one switch to turn the unit on/off. Jacks are Neutrik and all wiring is 22AWG wire.

I’m going to a random entry on July 28th. I will email that random entry asking for the answer to the question listed below. You will have 24 hours to respond with the answer. If the 24 hours passes and I don’t hear from that finalist, I will select a new random entry and repeat the process until I receive confirmation from the winner. This is open to everyone. Yes, that means international! Also, one entry per person. Please read that last sentence again… “one” “entry” “per” “person”.

The submission form will be open until July 28th (Mon) 2PM MST.

On top of that, Ásgeir at Pedal Projects is going to sweeten the deal. If you ‘LIKE’ Pedal Projects on Facebook and you’re selected as the winner, he’ll throw in an extra prize – Pedal Projects t-shirt!

So, it’s pretty much a no-brainer to like Pedal Projects on Facebook! Just click the ‘like’ below.

Please take a moment to Tweet, Share, Email this give away to your gear friends. We all like free gear right?

So the question is…. “What was the first pedal you purchased? And do you still own it?”


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2 Responses to “Pedal Projects Owly Booster Give Away”

  • bezola Says:

    nuestros pedales antiguos tenemos muchos pero…¿los utilizamos?

  • capitansevilla Says:

    I’m not sure if we have to put it here, but my answer to your question is:

    Dunlop Crybaby original. It has to be the first one ;)

    And yes, i still own it.

    Thank you!

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