Jan 15 2014

Sweet Deal on the ModTone Clean Boost

Sweet Deal on the ModTone Clean BoostSweet deal on the ModTone Clean Boost this morning. If you have a tube amp.. clean boosts are fantastic for crushing the preamp and getting some awesome growl out of the amp. Or it can be used to crush certain pedals.. or simply to boost your signal. Normally a true Clean Boost, just has a level control, but the ModTone has a tone control allowing you to boost bass or treble portion of your signal. Also, the ModTone Clean Boost’s level control allows you boost your signal (25db) but also cuts your signal if desired. 12 o’clock on the knob is unity gain so you can crank.. or pull back. Seems very useful!

Here is a great video showing what the ModTone Clean Boost is all about (video submitted by ModToneMan):

Okay.. the deal. The ModTone Clean Boost lists for $119.95, and is usually available for $100, but is currently on sale for only $74.68 at Amazon.com. This pedal also ships for free! So we’re looking at $25 off the going rate on this. Not bad.. not bad at all!

If you own a ModTone Clean Boost.. please let me/us know what you think by commenting below!


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One Response to “Sweet Deal on the ModTone Clean Boost”

  • jdc395 Says:

    I have had a ModTone Clean Boost on my board for over 2 years now & it’s one of if not my fave pedal! I use it through the effects loop of my Marshall Haze 40 for a nice lead boost on the gain channel & the tone control is very handy for adding some treble to my lead tone. I set the level to 10-11 O’Clock (which is all I need for a lead boost) & the tone/treble about 2 O’Clock. But it also works fantastic on my clean channel as well using the same level setting, adding just a slight boost level when I need it which is perfect! I love this pedal!

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