Dec 22 2011

TONEbUTCHeR WeeWah Give Away – And the winner is…

TONEbUTCHeRI didn’t know quite to expect on this give away. It was a short run (about half as long as normal) to get an extra give away in December. I was super surprised by the amount of entries for the TONEbUTCHeR WeeWah. People were definitely into this pedal. But I only had one to give away. For those that are bummed that you didn’t get the email, but still want this pedal, you need to check out the Micro section of TONEbUTCHeR’s site – they’re available for only $139. I *think* that the incentive sale is still going on – click here for full details.

Anyways, I’m happy to announce the winner is Randall B. of Knoxville, TN! Congrats Randall! For the give away, I forgot to announce that TONEbUTCHeR threw in a shirt with the give away, so you’ll be receiving that as well. I also threw in some EffectsBay stickers!

Dec 21 2011

Guitar World Staff Picks: Paul Riario’s Top 10 Effect Pedals of 2011

Guitar World Staff Picks: Paul Riario's Top 10 Effect Pedals of 2011Ah… it’s getting to the “Best of 2011″ time of year. I’m always interested what items stood out for the year that is about to end. Always seems to create some good discussions, etc. I came across the Guitar World staff pick (by Paul Riario) Top 10 Effect Pedals of 2011. You can read the full article here.

Basically, he broke it down to the following:

1. Dunlop Cantrell JC95 Cry Baby
2. MXR Custom Badass ’78 Distortion
3. Electro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar
4. Eventide Space
5. Strymon Lex Rotary
6. Keeley Luna Overdrive
7. Caroline Guitar Company Wave Cannon
8. Wampler Hot Wired Brent Mason Overdrive/Distortion
9. Visual Sound Dual Tap Delay
10. Way Huge Green Rhino

The Cantrell wah has been brought up multiple times as being a great wah. I’ve seen it on a few Pedal Line Friday boards and I thought that was a solid pick.

It was also great to see Caroline Guitar Company’s Wave Cannon in there. We had the privilege to demo the Wave Cannon (and gave it away) a while back. Definitely a great pedal for sure.

I was slightly surprised to see the MXR Custom Badass ’78 Distortion. I’ve never played that pedal, but I often see mix reviews here. Some people love it while others.. not so much. Let me know your opinion of the ’78 distortion if you have it by commenting below.

I think Strymon is going to be showing up a lot on these lists to come. I have the Strymon BlueSky, and basically everything they put out is golden. I’ve never seen a complaint about Strymon.

A couple of pedals that I want to look into is the Keeley Luna Overdrive and the Wampler Hot Wired. Both of those pedals I’m not too familiar with.

The Electro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar is another one that people are interested, but I don’t see many people actually owning this pedal. I know it’s new, but may have limited applications for the masses. Again, let me know what you think.

The Visual Sound Dual Tap Delay is a pedal I want to check out re-al bad. All the demos of this are great. A very simple delay with complex ability.

Please let me know your thoughts about that list…. good, bad and the ugly


Dec 21 2011

TONEbUTCHeR WeeWah Give Away Reminder

TONEbUTCHeR WeeWahThis is your friendly reminder to be sure to get your entry in for the TONEbUTCHeR WeeWah Give Away. I will stop accepting submissions today at 12PM MST, so be sure to get your entry in. For full details on the TONEbUTCHeR WeeWah Give Away click here. I thought I would include our demo of the Wee Wah as well. It’s a great sounding pedal in the tiniest enclosure possible. The guys at TONEbUTCHeR design some great stuff, so be sure to check out their site as well!

For the full review of the TONEbUTCHeR WeeWah (including high quality MP3) click here

Dec 20 2011

GOD BOX Tesla Fuzz Demo

GOD BOX Tesla Fuzz DemoA few weeks ago, Brandon from Elevation Boutiques contacted me letting me know of a new company called GOD BOX and wanted to get a pedal over here for a demo. Of course that’s always a great idea. Next thing you know the GOD BOX Tesla Fuzz arrived. First thing that struck me was the Wardenclyffe Tower (aka Tesla Tower) on the face. Very cool graphic and I have to admit, I’m a big Tesla fan.

Okay, back to the pedal. GOD BOX refers to this as the Tesla Edition God Complex Fuzz Series. I’m not sure if they’re planning to issue different versions of this pedal, I’ll let you know once I get more details. The GOD BOX Tesla Fuzz is a hybrid germanium and silicon circuit (inside there is a vintage NOS germanium transistor paired with a high quality silicon transistor).

There are 5 basic controls for the Tesla Fuzz:

INPUT – Input controls the input signal, but it also stabilizes the circuit. “Offering subtle shades of fuzz”
TONE – The tone knob is a 6 way rotary switch (I like this) which gives you set tonal options from a bump in the midrange and almost no lows to full range thunder. The #6 position is an “homage to the classic FF”
DRIVE – Controls the drive level
OUTPUT – Controls the output signal level
NPD – Toggle switch to control the NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). This drops in distortion diodes which slightly compresses the signal.

For this demo, I again asked my good friend Jimmy Rolle to see what the GOD BOX Tesla Fuzz was all about. This time, he’s not using his Les Paul and went with the Standard American Fender Stratocaster. Guitar is still going into a Germino Lead 55 through a Marshall 4×12 cabinet. Everything was mic’d up with a Shure SM57 and a Fathead Ribbon Mic. Nothing between the guitar and amp besides the GOD BOX Tesla Fuzz.

This first video goes through the various tone settings with Tone, Drive, Input and Output

You can listen to the high quality MP3 clip via SoundCloud

We included a second video to focus on the NPD tonal changes.

You can listen to the high quality MP3 clip via SoundCloud

As you can see and hear, this is a great sounding fuzz with a lot of tonal variety. If you’re interested in picking up a GOD BOX Tesla Fuzz, you should contact Brandon at Elevation Boutiques (the exclusive dealer of GOD BOX) and he’ll hook you up (Looks like it’s available for $219). If you want to learn more about GOD BOX, please check out their Facebook page. Their website is currently being developed, but the GOD BOX Facebook page is a great way to see what they’re working on!

Dec 20 2011

Perfect Square Electronics Hyperslicer Winner!

I have an interesting winner post today.The 10th of this month I announced the winner of the Perfect Square Electronics Hyperslicer, and the winner was Gary Vogel. He was kind enough to send this photo!

Perfect Square Electronics Hyperslicer Winner!He had this to say about the Perfect Square Electronics Hyperslicer:

“This is an incredibly useful musical effect.  Easy to incorporate as a foundation of a rhythm or as a one-time spurt of choppy goodness.  The tone quality of the effect is stellar, and the construction is top-notch.  Boffo slicer effect!!”

Congrats Gary! I would also like to thank Perfect Square Electronics for sponsoring this give away. Make sure you visit their site!

Dec 18 2011

MXR Custom Badass Modified Overdrive

MXR Custom Badass Modified OverdriveToday I wanted to talk about the MXR Custom Badass Modified Overdrive. It’s not just another OD, but the folks at Dunlop/MXR added some nice features in there. Basically a *bump* switch and a 100hz cut/boost control which allows for some great tone shaping. The Bump switch adds a low and mid frequency output boost, while the 100hz filter really dials in the low end.

Here is the official description of the MXR Custom Badass Modified Overdrive:

Next up in the MXR Custom Badass line is the Modified Overdrive-a classic overdrive circuit with modern modifications for improved performance and versatility. For added flexibility, we’ve added a 100Hz cut and boost control that allows for a more focused EQ when cut, or a beefier tone when boosted. The Bump switch engages an alternate EQ voicing that boosts the lows and mids. Put it in front of the ’78 Custom Badass Distortion for a slew of amp-like gain structures that won’t mask your tone.

* Classic overdrive circuit modded for improved performance and versatility.
* 100HZ cut and boost control allows tonal fine-tuning.
* BUMP switch engages alternate voicing for a low and mid-range boost.

I also found a nice *bundle* deal on this pedal. You can pick up the MXR Custom Badass Modified Overdrive with 4 free cables (2 FREE Strukture 6″ Patch Cables and 2 FREE Strukture 18.6′ Instrument Cables). The MXR Custom Badass Modified Overdrive bundle is available for only $99 at

Here are two great videos by jimdunlopusa:


Dec 17 2011

Great Deal on the Tonebone Loopbone at Amazon

Great Deal on the Tonebone Loopbone at AmazonThis morning I found another great deal! This time it’s for the Radial Tonebone Loopbone. In a nutshell it’s a true bypass effects loop (dual channel) with boost control. This can give you the ability to have a ‘lead’ effects loop with a hotter signal. The Radial Tonebone Loopbone lists for $350, and you usually see it in the $220 to $260 range, but is currently on sale for an excellent price of $104.49 at Amazon. This also includes FREE super saver shipping.  At the time of this post, there were only 3 in stock. I’m sure when it gets down to 1, the price will increase, so you’ll need to jump on it if you’re interested.

Here is the official description of the Radial Tonebone Loopbone:

The Radial Loopbone Dual Effects Loop is a powerful effects loop controller for pedal boards that allows the guitar player to insert 2 separate pedal effects chains and remove them when not in use. This is particularly advantageous when using older effects pedals that tend to add noise and cause loading problems in the signal chain. The Radial Loopbone incorporates a superb post-effects variable-gain power booster that allows straight signal boosting or post loop-1 or loop-2 boost for soloing.To ensure that the natural tone of the instrument is maintained, the Loopbone features Radial’s unique Drag Control pickup load correction circuit that allows the guitarist to properly match the impedance load of any pedal board configuration with any guitar for optimum performance. Furthermore, there are no signal degrading op-amps or chips in the signal path, only 100% discrete components and Radial’s highly acclaimed Class-A circuit for natural tone and exceptional dynamics.Besides FX-loop switching, load matching, and signal boost, the Loopbone brings even more to your pedal board: a separate “always-on” tuner-out circuit allows on-the-fly tuning without adding noise or load to your instrument signal and, perhaps the most innovative feature of all, Slingshot. Slingshot is Radial’s unique remote switching system that allows the Loopbone to simultaneously switch amplifier channels, other amp features, or even another Slingshot-equipped device.

Again, the Radial Tonebone Loopbone is on sale for only $104.49 at Amazon!

Dec 16 2011

Pedal Line Friday – 12/16 – Devin Ozel

Today’s pedal line is from  Devin Ozel. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 12/16 - Devin OzelHi Effects Bay,

I’m Devin and I play bass in Le Panique. I wanted to make my bass sound like a guitar, and thus I use a Rickenbacker 4001, a vintage Marshall half-stack, an SWR Redhead, and the following pedals:

Planet Waves Chromatic Tuner
Boss  Fv-500H
Boss Bass Chorus CEB3
Boss Bass Equalizer GEB7 – I use this equalizer to take out the low frequencies, so that I do not blow out the Marshall half-stack.
Boss Mega Distortion MD2 – Good ol’ distortion makes the bass sound more like a guitar than anything.
Death by Audio Fuzz War – I have tried out many fuzz pedals, and this one generates the best tone and is so very loud.
Death By Audio Total Sonic Annihilation – I use this pedal with MD2 to generate feedback and using the volume knob on my bass, I can generate weird effects. You can hear what this pedal can do in the beginning of our song, “Santa Clara”.

We, Le Panique, just released a brand new EP and you can listen to it on our facebook page and if you like it buy it on iTunes.

I plan to replace the volume pedal with a booster, so if you have any suggestions, I would love to know. Thanks!

Dec 15 2011

Interactive Guitar Pedal Art Installation by David Byrne

Interactive Guitar Pedal Art Installation by David ByrneI just stumbled across this interesting art installation by David Byrne (I first discovered this on Walrus Audio’s Facebook page). It’s an interesting art installation of 96 Boss pedals in a grid and all wired in series, with a RC-3 loopstation as the first pedal to provide a simple loop signal to the rest. Participants can walk on the pedals creating their own sonic result.

For more information, check out David Byrne’s page. The photo above and below are from Tokyo VACANT gallery, December 2010.

Here is a great shot of the pedal grid in action. Looks fun, my kids would go nuts on this.

Interactive Guitar Pedal Art Installation by David Byrne


Dec 15 2011

Great deal on the Carl Martin Boost Kick at Amazon

Great deal on the Carl Martin Boost Kick at AmazonToday, I found another great deal on a Carl Martin pedal. This time it’s for the Carl Martin Boost Kick pedal. This pedal lists for $231 and is on sale for a scorching low price of $70.09. I’m not sure if this pedal is out of production, I do not see at Musician’s Friend. Either way, $70 for a booster of this caliber is not bad at all. The pedal also ships with FREE super saver shipping. At the time of this posting, there were 4 available. Normally, when the stock gets down to 1 (sometimes 2), the price will jump up, so if this sounds interesting, you best jump on it.

Here is the official description of the Carl Martin Boost Kick:

The Carl Martin Boost Kick is a 9V-battery-powered pedal designed to provide up to 12dB of boost to give that extra “kick” required for a great solo. The level control determines the boost level. The 3 band EQ section is comprised of Punch (bass), Attack (mid) and Edge (treble). This allows a virtually unlimited range of solo sounds without compromising sonic quality. Getting your solos to cut through the cacophony of the band can be a handful. With up to 12dB boost and the 3 band EQ at your feet, hitting the right sound at the right level is a breeze. The Carl Martin Boost Kick is true bypass and features an AC adapter jack.

Again, the Carl Martin Boost Kick is on sale for only $70.09 at Amazon.