Sep 8 2011

Community Question: The one pedal – results/responses

EffectsBay Community QuestionYesterday I asked the following community question – If you had to pick one pedal to have for the rest of your life, what pedal would that be? I wanted to see what you all had to say about this. This is a great way to learn about other pedals, and to see what people are passionate about. Clearly, any pedal mentioned, is something worth considering in the future when in search of a new pedal.

I’ve had a few emails asking me what my answer to the question is – since I didn’t answer it in the previous post. Like I mentioned I thought it was pretty easy, but it’s not. One person mentioned his TU-2. Even though it’s not an effect, I would put that on the list, but since that’s not very exciting. I think I would put the Paul Cochrane Tim overdrive as the top. I use to use a Ibanez TS-9 and replaced it with the Tim for the lead overdrive boost and that thing is pretty awesome. #2 would be my T-Rex Replica delay. Lately I’ve been messing around with delay parts so been having lots of fun with that and a Boss DD-3.

So anyway, enough about me, let’s see the responses. This is a collection of Twitter, Facebook and Comments so we can get them all in one place. If you missed the original post and want to contribute, please comment below!

Responses from Facebook

Andrew J. Masterson With my current collection, I’d have to go with my Boss DD-20. It’s not my ideal choice, but I have to say a delay is the single most important effect I have to have.
Justin Vigeant Has to be an overdrive… and the one I have had most luck with is the Fulltone Full Drive 2.
Joshua Dawson HA! As soon as Omar bawked, I got upset. The poor man clearly likes pedals, but he’s never fallen in love. Mine is easy: my Ibanez DDL, the green one, not the blue DL10. It’s a sweet, versatile, durable delay pedal with a great, warm analog feel and an unlatched hold-delay mode that I modded for fast, glitchy stutter delay. I could not live without that pedal.
Jeffrey Bailey I would have to say a carbon copy. It sounds amazing and there is no replacement for a good delay. I run mine at 18v and it is the only pedal I must have.
Ggiiaaxx Seldom DMM organic beauty
Dave N Michele Clinton Fulltone GT500!
Ian Ross Id be really torn between my ol reliable tubescreamer and my airplane flanger….. the flanger is signed by Paul Gilbert so its more of a sentimental thing than a functionality thing.
Paul Dmytrewycz It’s not an effect, but I’ve always said that the one pedal I own that I absolutely cannot function without is my Boss TU-2 tuner.
Andrew Clock DMM or EHX Holiest Grail
Jeremy M Cohen Boss Chorus CE-5
Kelevra Villalobos My Frankenmuff (Big Muff modified)… i really need that fuzz
Brian Mack I’ve got a Keeley modded Sparkle Drive that has become my fave recently. I can’t imagine ever getting rid of it.

Responses from Twitter

will_spicer @effectsbay Morley little alligator & tied 2nd #Fulltone OCD and #DMB Foxy pi-rate. hate to choose amongst my many delays/reverbs.
DosEXmachina29 @effectsbay, big muff
jdstalnaker @effectsbay ts9
senorpuma @effectsbay believe it or not, my Ibanez SuperMetal – I have it dialed in to a very subtle darkness that I love #favoritepedal

Comments from the original post:

Nick my BYOC tri-boost, adds some very nice crunch with very little compression…
Michael Burgess I think I would have to have my Q-balls bass envelope. Bass is just bass without a filter. I need the funk.
Lee I’m going to assume multi effects pedals are out of the question? If so, easy answer for me – Boss FL2 flanger. I can get any range of chorus-ey, tremelo-ey, semi-phaser-ey (and of course flanger-ey) sound I need. If I want crunch, I can just push the amp harder. (I hope we’re not on a desert island.)
Jon Patton My Malekko 616. Hard for me to live without an orange squeezer and volume pedal, but it’s awfully hard to fake delay.
Gary Vogel Cannot live without delay, and the best is my TimeFactor by Eventide. I love dirt, but I get is from my VHT or EVHII amps just fine.
Chris Barrus My Moogerfooger analog delay. I can pretty much get what I want with the right guitar/amp combo, but like the commenter above said – it’s awfully hard to fake delay.
Mike Definitely my Dwarfcraft Eau Claire Thunder, it’s the base of my tone. Plus it’s versatile enough and I love the feedback loop.
Skattabrain Blackout Effectors Twosome Fuzz… you can get usable fuzz, distortion and even a clean boost from it.

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4 Responses to “Community Question: The one pedal – results/responses”

  • Jordan Steingraber Says:

    I’d have to say the El Capistan tape echo by Strymon. By far the most unique and versatile delay I have.

  • Matthew Swasta Says:

    I would have to agree with Jordan Steingraber’s choice of the Strymon El Capistan. This pedal is a very unique combination of tape delay and looper. You can set it up anywhere from highly tuned machine to a sagging, dirty, modulating delay sound. Great product from a great company.

  • Scott Jensen Says:

    In general, I would have to say a good overdrive pedal. Specifically which one, I am still trying different ones to figure out what I like best. Not a huge fan of the tubescreamer as its so common. I really like my Keely modded blues driver. Fulltone OCD comes to mind as well.

  • john Says:

    Z.Vex Box of Rock, especially when paired with a good Bogner or Fender clean and a nice dotted eighth delay, sounds like U2 all over again.

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