Jul 18 2010

Brian May’s Guitar

So I have to start out by saying something potentially controversial…. I’m not a Queen fan. Okay, so that’s out, but I have to say, I definitely respect the ability and tone of Brian May. I definitely get it.

I remember reading out how he built that guitar when he was a kid, but I didn’t realize it was literally built with items found. Neck from a fireplace mantel, body from a table, trem arm is a knitting needle and various bike parts. Truly amazing that he and his dad put this together, and actually works as well as it does without having prior luthier knowledge.

Here is a older video from 1992 (submitted by neilmurraybass) where Brian May goes into detail about the guitar. Very cool.

In the video it mentions that there are reproductions of this guitar, so I had to see for myself, and yep you can pick up the Brian May signature guitar for $799 at Musician’s Friend.

The Brian May Signature Electric Guitar features an acoustically chambered mahogany body, a dual truss rod mahogany neck, and ebony fingerboard. The pickups are Tri-Sonics that Brian sealed in Araldite adhesive to prevent microphonic feedback inherent with metal covered pickups. These are controlled by the original Brian May switching system with individual on/off and phase switches, one volume and one tone pot.

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One Response to “Brian May’s Guitar”

  • marcusbacus Says:

    There have been copies of the “Red Special” for a while, some good, some bad, none like the real thing but quite close sometimes. First it was Guild, then Burns, and now they carry the Brian May brand. Not counting all the home-made models done by fans and some other obscure copies, some reported to be quite good and sometimes even better than the “official” copies, like some (I heard) made in Vietnam or something like that.
    The secret of getting close to Brian’s tone isn’t just the guitar (like any other signature model it also depends on… who’s playing), but it’s a very important part. And no, the BM guitar copy isn’t just for playing Queen stuff.

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