May 1 2010

NOC3 Effects Pure Drive Overdrive

NOC3 Effects Pure Drive OverdriveToday I wanted to take a closer look at the NOC3 Pure Drive Overdrive. I wasn’t too familiar with the product or the company, only heard the name bounced around at forums and what not. So first, I wanted to share some info about NOC3 first. I first checked out their website (in particular their ‘about’ page). Basically, here is the base info about them:

“NOC3 Effects was launched in 2006. I had no idea how long it would last or if it would be a worthwhile venture. I did it because I enjoyed building great sounding pedals and I wanted to make them available to everyone. NOC3 is a small individually owned and operated business and is very much a ”one man show.” I build every single pedal by hand. I do everything. I design the circuit and PCB artwork, I source the components, I do all of the soldering, wiring, layout, silkscreen artwork, assembly, marketing and customer support. No mass production methods are used. The only thing I have done by someone else is the enclosure powder coating and silk screening, this is for aesthetics only and has no effect on tone. I see each pedal as a work of art that I am proud to put my name on. You can be assured that everything from NOC3 Effects has been engineered and crafted with care by an individual who obsesses as much about tone as you do. A musical instrument built by a musician. You can always count on NOC3 for great service and competitive prices for pedals that go above and beyond the competition.”

Next, let’s get into some details about the Pure Drive Overdrive. Here is the official description of the pedal:

The NOC3 Effects Pure Drive couples a versatile clean to mean overdrive circuit with a clean boost running in parallel to the overdrive. With the “Clean” knob you can blend any ratio of the two together. What does that mean? It means you can do more than just overdrive your signal. You can mix in a little clean boost to add chord clarity, punchy attack, and clean chimey highs while the overdrive side of the pedal enhances sustain and supplies the growling midrange. Do you love the tone of your amps overdrive but want some more? Set the Pure Drive mostly clean and blend in just the right amount of additional overdrive. Maybe you’re running a clean amp and need a pedal that can cover a wide range of overdrive tones? Set the Pure Drive mostly dirty and go from there. Great for lead or rhythm into clean or dirty amps.

Fat Tone Guitars currently has a video demo of this pedal (fattone77):

I wanted to hear some more overdrive and see what else this pedal could do, and I found a nice demo by roknfnrol:

You can pick up the NOC3 Pure Drive Overdrive for $175.00 at Fat Tone Guitars!

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