Mar 27 2010

Community Question Results “What effect pedals are you guys interested in?”

It’s been a little bit since I asked a community question, so I posted one later in the afternoon yesterday on Twitter and Facebook. My question was “What effect pedals are you guys interested in?“. I knew this was going to vary in responses, so I was curious what everyone would say. Here are the results. If missed out in your chance to respond, please comment below.


CorydooM Electro Harmonix holy grail reverb.. RT @effectsbay: What effect pedals are you guys interested in?
FrankenstratCat @effectsbay distortion; chorus; tremolo; delay; compression;
worshipinrocker @effectsbay Paul Cochrane Tim
Flannel_Man Figured I better be the echo. RT @AndrewElmore: @effectsbay delaydelaydelaydelaydelaydelaydelaydelaydelaydelaydelaydelaydelaydelaydelay
AndrewElmore @effectsbay delaydelaydelaydelaydelaydelaydelaydelaydelaydelaydelaydelaydelaydelaydelay
PeterBerki @effectsbay I’m liking wah pedals lately. Specifically all the crybabys
thedaileyblake @effectsbay good question! i’m starting to lean more towards simple 3-button analog pedals. my board’s got too much multi-mode craziness!
Sammy_or @effectsbay Flanger, delay loop, clean/distorted switcher, acoustic sound to electric (if you can do that, I would totally buy it). Thanks.
CarlosDelgado42 @effectsbay Bootsy Collins Snarlin Dog Pedal and any New Metal Pedals that are similar or better than the MT-2 Metal Zone Pedal
landosaurusrex I would KILL for a Digitech Whammy Pedal right now lol RT @effectsbay: What effect pedals are you guys interested in?
dnaamps @effectsbay Killer multi-band bass compressor, octaver that goes one UP & allows FX loop on octave, maybe even separate send. Yeah: dreamin’
arimcohen @effectsbay I want the BD-5 boss Blues driver. Also the micro amp by MXR. and the weeping demon wahwah pedal. All are gorgeous and fantastic
onedadslife @effectsbay I’m hooked on overdrive/distortion/etc. pedals! Have my sights on M.I. Audio Crunch & Rothwell Hellbender.
samoesp @effectsbay blackout effects
4ntwaan @effectsbay to answer your facebook poll question, an example : Death By Audio – Robot


Austin Woodward holy fire by creation audio labs
Robert Flaglor the kind that blow up amps and destroy ears
Kevin Ian Common pigtronix echolution. moody mushroom echo. lovepdeal eternity. toxic plant by last gasp. glitch computer by mid fi. the new noise floors by devi ever. the utter stutter by ohnoho
Andrew Green zvex ooh wah. i use my fulltone wah but not in the way it is meant to be used. ooh wah gives me what i need with a much smaller foot print.
Max Scialdone harmonizer, looper, wah… more when they come to mind
Iblame Summers definitely the EHX Cathedral since i don’t have it yet & reverb pedals/rack reverbs that do REVERSE reverb in general.
David Verdugo EHX Holy Grail, ZVex Tremorama
Adam Graham Adrenalinn iii by far, awesome the creative mind… I can’t do without it
Nikolaos Triantafillou anything with tubes
Ivan Lopez Garrido just a wicked boost
Tom Lister a recommendation on a good tight distortion/fuzz sound like what Jonny Lang uses.
Matt Drozdeck I have been wanting a freakshow effects digilog delay for the longest time.
Mike Revis All of them.
Chris Mintie anything that Skinkontrol makes.(fuzz,compressor,boost,overdrive,tremelo,ect..) i own a few different fuzz pedals by them, and can’t believe how great the fuzz tones are that they produce .i just recieved my custom multi fuzz pedal and a tremelo pedal by them, and will hopefully post a vid of them soon. UNREAL is all i have to say.check them out.
Patrick Flanary Any new Bass Processors out there. Ive got a DigiTech BNX3 thats on its last legs.
Antoine Camelin Death By Audio and EHX, no f**kin’ way! (it’s not pedals actually, but admit that all their pedal are more or less interesting! )
Daniel Wesolowski I want that new Dunlop volume pedal!
Dominic Rippel Fuzz faceless. Analog filter. Delay lay lay
Joe Vella Electro-Faustus EF101
Frank Adams A decent Ampeg Scrambler clone, orthe 2005 reissue. Just blew money on a 2nd run of the Spring Chicken LE.
Matt Drozdeck best scrambler clone in my opinion is the retroman scram. should check that out.
K George Wyland ernie earplug yam with anything I can stick into it. it’s glued to one of my guitars…
Giancarlo Pinto MXR Phase 100 Dunlop. Hendrix Style
Joel Yu ring thing !
Eric Foster
Alexander Pindarov Fuzz…
Marcelo Donati MXR Auto Q and 1 Talk box

Thanks everyone!! Great stuff there!

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