Mar 10 2010

Community Question Results “What do you think is the best compressor pedal out there.. and why!”

Yesterday, @4ntwaan asked what I thought was the best compressor. Since I don’t use compressors very often, I thought this would be a great question to ask the community. I particularly think this question is a tough one. Compression is used in so many different applications for varying expected results. From country twang picking to tightening up mid range on leads to adding additional sustain to notes. One compressor might be better than the other depending on the requirement, so the ‘why’ portion of this question is pretty vital. I hope this helps shed some light on this question. Thanks to all that responded!


christopherJR @effectsbay barber tone press… Why? Cuz it is awesome!
LeeChavez @Effectsbay I’m not real big on compressors. So not sure. I hear the Keely compresser is amazing.
CaptainVictory @effectsbay Best compressor for guitar rigs is MXR Dyna-Comp. Why? Because I say so and because its smooth squish is just unparalleled.
chaddbrooks @effectsbay cloned Ross
crunchyguitar1 @effectsbay The MXR-132 Super Comp,It doesn’t cut out with my active pickups.And the tone is remarkable+MXR is a very reliable product.
seanmbrage @effectsbay Strymon makes a darn good comp…more transparent than anything I’ve ever heard! Barber Tone Press is a sure shot as well!
nogoodguitarpkr @effectsbay Although I haven’t played it yet, just *hearing* the Rothwell Love Squeeze makes me want one! Also good: TonePress and CS3.


Kevin Ian Common i’d really like to know this… because i have yet to play one i actually like :P
Lionel Oberto Mxr dyna comp, or dbx (rack)
Jomar Findlay can’t really say with 100% certainty that one is better than the other…
Joe Harley for my own needs it’s the Barber Tone Press. i don’t like alot of “squish”, or want my tone affected at all, and the barber is perfect for that. it gives me control over my volume, keeps my funk and reggae skanks tight, and lets me really cut loose with my hollow body for some big leads…without changing any of the charecter of my sound. that blend knob is the key. and at$150?? it’s a steal 8)
Justin Vigeant I’ve given up on compressor pedals… :(
Kevin Ian Common …i think it’s the squish that i cannot stand. also, i’m a very dynamic player–in regards that i play with dynamics and picking attack often… and the squish tends to kill most of that
Kevin Ian Common i also use a BBE sonic maximizer… and i haven’t found a compressor that plays nice with it (i’m not giving up the bbe :))
Michael Jason Sammut I use the compressor on my Nova System in the loop and it is magical.
Matt Drozdeck philosophers tone
Mark Grundhoefer I like my Keeley Two Knob Compressor and a little dirt on the channel for slide stuff. Plus it works well during solos to get that epic big sustain.
Alexandre Stortregn For my bass I use the one on the ashdown amps(mag evo II 600), quite amazing. And for guitar any expensive tube compressor from EHX is great.
Ben Howard I use a Pigtronix Philosopher’s Tone. It has it all for me, plenty of control to go from subtle compression that just stops heavy strumming sections from jumping out and also the ability to crank it and get a Chili Peppers vibe going with a strat. The grit knob is a great little extra that let’s you blend in a touch of distortion so it sounds like … See Moreyou have two amps running. ProGuitarShop has a great demo of it on their Website. It’s also really small, so great for crammed pedal boards. Runs on 9-18v (no battery) so there’s also plenty of headroom.
Dominic Rippel Hartman … 2 knobs, Ross circuit, school desk blue.. Clean as a whistle!

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