Feb 10 2010

Yesterday’s Community Question – What’s in position #1 for your pedal wish list?

Yesterday I was curious to find what others were wanting for pedals, so I had to ask.. and here was the response. Thanks everyone!


WillFugate RT @effectsbay Community Question: What’s in position #1 for your pedal wish list?.. Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler
AndrewElmore @effectsbay verbzilla! I’ll probly just buy it’s clone: Behringer RV600. I just love that shimmery Octo setting 8)
PeterBerki @effectsbay completely honest, @cheeseblocks sCream Cheese
Fretrunner @effectsbay RE: Pedal #1 Lovepedal Les Lius Overdrive
pelossus @effectsbay probably the mxr carbon copy or the boss giga delay..gotta love the delays.
ctbalcerak @effectsbay digitech Timebender/moog phaser
markgrundhoefer @effectsbay the next pedal I want to pick up is the Subdecay Prometheus. So cool!
aloomens @effectsbay #1 on wish list would be an analog Delay w/tap tempo
AustinRemington @effectsbay an ernie ball volume.
Xquadra @effectsbay Fender Sub-Lime Bass Fuzz
RivetheadRasta @effectsbay The Boss RE-20 space echo pedal, I’ve always wanted a tape echo. This is as close as it gets.
JohnHaselden @effectsbay it’s got to the Pigtronix Echolution
SvNDeaTh @effectsbay a Dunlop Cry Baby
4ntwaan RT EHX Hog http://tinyurl.com/yf3g6e2 that’s for sure! @effectsbay: Community Question: What’s in position #1 for your pedal wish list?


Jomar Findlay Electro-Harmonix Enigma.
Diego ? Ferri Univox Super-Fuzz
Kevin Kelsey MI Audio Crunch Box
Jeremy Hainline tie – Catalinbread Heliotrope or Catalinbread SFT. Was the WIIO, but mine’s on it’s way :)
T.J. Harris Custom Audio Electronics MC-404 wah pedal.
Kevin Ian Common four-way-tie: WMD Geiger Counter, EQD Ghost Echo, Devi Ever LP, or Moody Mushroom Echo… Either one of those would be fantastic right about now ;)
Marijn Westerlaken Malekko B:assmaster is going to be the first new thing on my board
Andrew Elmore Verbzilla. But I’ll probly just buy it’s clone the Behringer RV600. After that it’s a three way tie between: Ernie Ball VPJR EHX Knockout EHX Big Muff (standard NY)
Mick Blowe Just had Paul Trombetta do some nifty mods on my Rat pedal, Checkitt! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oSDfhzAis0
Alexandre M. Störtregn EHX Cathedral
Andre Sachs a Mutron!

I have to say there are some sweet pedals in the line up above. As for me… I would love a T.Rex Replicator, but unfortunately, I think next line will be switches… b-o-r-i-n-g….

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