Feb 17 2010

Interview with Paul Rivera Sr. of Rivera Amps

This morning, a friend of mine from high school days sent me a link to this interview of Paul Rivera Sr. of Rivera Amplifiers. I’m a big fan of Paul Rivera and his company. I currently own a Rivera Knucklehead 100 head (vintage grey model). Love that head, it’s too freakin’ loud, but sounds great.

Rivera definitely make some great stuff. That Clubster Royale sounds awesome! Any other Rivera owners out there?

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One Response to “Interview with Paul Rivera Sr. of Rivera Amps”

  • LADES Says:

    yea i play a Chubster 40. The G12-55 Speaker is crap, i try to replace it with an CL80. The Weber speaker (12F150B) i build in works well, but it also has a speaker cry at higher volume. Cleansound is amazing !!!

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